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August 20 2012

The first deleted scene from The Avengers. With Mark Ruffalo and Harry Dean Stanton.


For some reason I forgot that the DVD/Blu Ray had deleted scenes so this fantastic scene just reminded me.

Based on this, the deleted scenes might turn out to be better than the stuff most films keep in.
I knew there had to be more with the two of them.
Ugh... I want this scene in the film please. Just great.
Wow... Just when I think I've seen all of Joss' writing brilliance, he continues to surprise me...

Since when are deleted scenes THIS good? :D
I don't understand if I'm watching the same scene as the rest of you. For me it seems very out of place. I understand that it shows how Banner was nudged to return to the fight but at the same time it seems a bit far fetched. Some random security guard at an abandoned warehouse is able to glean such insight from thin air and then gives wise sage advice with a tone of knowing that only an actor like Harry Dean Stanton can deliver? I understand why this bit was cut, to me, it feels like Deus ex machina.
I agree. I can see why it was cut but it's still a great little scene that in a different film would probably be amazing.
I-m still pissed off cause here in spain you only get the deleted scenes if you buy the blu ray and i dont have the money to buy one. I wouldnt even touch this thing if i didnt love the movie so much...

alexreager, i dont agree with you, not entirely at least; the guard has not a special insight there, just very logical questions once you accept the guy has not run for cover; its a good scene, well shot and written. The reason i think it was cut is the reason most scenes get cut in cinema; because it verbalizes something that comes across perfectly fine somewhere else without a specific need to adress it in such an opern manner.

I love the scene, but i think the movie version says the same in a more powerfull way. "You have a condition" ends the whole thing in such a perfect way...
Darkness, the Blu-ray deleted scenes are a global thing. It's not just restricted to Spain.
Scenes are cut for time, not necessarily because it's bad or doesn't fit in the film. We think it doesn't fit because initially, we saw the film without it. If that was originally in the movie, would you still think its out of place?

Anyway, I love it. This shows a great little moment of Ruffalo's fantastic acting that we haven't seen.
Thanks for the info, simon.:)

Now im globally pissed off. ;)
Well, Joss said a lot of what was cut out was himself; as I think this scene shows. Though that's a great thing for all us come the release, especially if this is anything to go by.

Oh, and does anyone else think that this guard character might have been inspired by that security guard on the set of Firefly while Joss was writing 'Objects in Space'? If you've heard the story (on the commentary, I believe) you'll see what I mean -- just a random guy, as if from nowhere, gives an unexpected but vital existential insight.

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It is a nice scene, but I can see why it wasn't essential to tell the story in the Avengers.
Don't knock old security guards. They've got a lifetime of experiences, and nothing to do but mull them over. (Young security guards, on the other hand, tend to be young men without either more marketable job skills OR criminal records, in my experience)

At any rate, I agree with the sentiment: this is better than scenes kept in most movies. Joss undoubtedly left a lot of other great stuff on the floor in order to tell the story as tightly as he did. I think this one is released not necessarily because it's the *best* one we'll see, but because it's the most standalone: we can see it, without any of the other deleted scenes, and understand everything that goes on here. It's marketing for the BluRay, in other words.
Fellow UK'ers, remember reading about how the Blu-ray was supposed to include deleted features such as an alternate opening and ending and Steve Rogers - Man Out of Time? As far as I can tell, the UK isn't getting them. The only deleted scenes that seem to have been passed by the BBFC are the following:


Whereas on, the American Blu-ray lists the following deleted scenes:

- Alternate Opening - Maria Hill Interrogation
- Extended Scene - Loki & Barton Strategize
- Steve Rogers - Man Out of Time
- Nick Fury & World Security Council
- Extended Viaduct Fight - Raw Footage
- Fury & Hill Discuss the World Security Council
- Extended Scene - Banner and Security Guard
- Alternate Ending - Maria Hill Interrogation

If anyone shed any light on the matter, I would be very grateful.
Yes, more Tao of Banner.
Not a bad scene, but I definitely see why it was cut. It wouldn't have bothered me if it was still in the movie, but it makes sense to take it out for the sake of pacing and time. It's a nice little scene, but hardly essential, and it plays similar to some of the deleted scenes from Serenity. Looking forward to seeing what else was cut.
I noticed that Slashfilm had some coverage that included another of the extended scenes: Loki & Barton Strategize

Should this be rolled into this post, or is it worth a separate entry on the front page? In any event, it's someone else's call to make, as it's bedtime for me.
The Blu-ray's content has leaked online in full hence all the deleted scenes popping up on Twitter, Tumblr etc so it would be a bit awkward to link to such extras enmasse.

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