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August 20 2012

MTV Splash Page's 50 greatest Spike moments. They are celebrating James Marsters' birthday as well.

Wonderful collection!

My favorite scene is "You're the one, Buffy" in "Touched".
I wish they did some Angel moments... There's a lot of fantastic Spike moments in Angel!!!

Nonetheless... The fact that you can come up with 50 moments (and there's so many more) for a character who's a supporting character says a lot about how great he is!!! Love me some Spike!!!
@MoscowWatcher, I agree. I just reread the "You're the One" speech for the zillionth times and it still gives me chills. It's the writing + the acting.

This has been quite a fun day for this Spike fan.

On an almost off topic tangent, are there any Supernatural fans who noticed that Marsters shares a birthday with of all actors Misha Collins (aka Castiel)? So two actors who each play a character that stirs strong, divisive fan response (and wicked hot fan fic) were born on the same day.

Strange coincidence or astrology at work?

I'm on team coinkydink for now.
Strange coincidence or astrology at work?

Well H.P. Lovecraft shares a birthday with them.
I was looking out for "Out.For.A.Walk...Bitch" and the lame stake-acide from Doomed. The rest were great, too.
Twilight Zone theme song running through my head

But they missed so many! SPike's mime routine behind Joyce in Lovers Walk, and his call to arms to save Christmas and puppys in Doomed to name just two. Nice birthday present though.
"Sooner or later, you're gonna want it and the second, the second that happens, you know I'll be there. I'll slip in and have myself a real good day."

Spike at his scariest? It always gives me the chills.
Great list. All great moments although I can think of 50 more without sitting up straight.
You made a bear!
Skanky lopsided ass.
The look on his face when he realizes Buffy is alive.
You get the picture. :)
aww. happy birthday, blondie bear!!
My local paper didn't include him in the celebrity birthdays :-(.

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