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August 20 2012

'The Avengers' gag reel assembles a lot of laughs. "Things we learned from The Avengers gag reel: Joss Whedon is excellent at breaking up fights, Captain America is adorable, Loki is the master of many voices, and Hawkeye doesn't know beans about Star Trek. Taken from the soon-to-be-released Avengers DVD, this might actually be the most hilarious bloopers footage we've ever seen."

This makes me happy. How many copies of this movie do I have to buy now?
Really, I could just watch the last bit over and over.
OMG. I luuuurve these guys! Totes adorbs!
I am vastly amused now. Who knew Mark Ruffalo was such a fumble-fingers?!?
I really enjoyed the last two bits.
"Excellent. The Avengers" what now? Some of that stuff I can't quite catch. Like what Mark says at the end as he runs away.

But Tom doing Alan Rickman is fantastic!

And Thor juggling his hammer...
Can I just say I'm in LOVE with this cast? Is anyone still complaining about Joss doing Avengers 2? Anyone? :)
lisatwingomez, honestly, my friends and I have determined after much debate that the only solution is to clone Joss Whedon. There are just too many things we want from the man's brain (more Fray, more Dr. Horrible, more original stories! to see Wastelanders). We all agreed, however, that The Avengers 2 is unthinkable without him.
Some of that stuff I can't quite catch. Like what Mark says at the end as he runs away.

I want to see this movie again and again - now I'm even more impatient for the DVD/BluRays!
Ha, I do like the use of the Smokey and the Bandit music at the beginning :)
Oh, man, it's that little hop as Banner runs away that gets me every time.
Tumblr is going to flip out over the Coulson-Cap moment.
Well looks like Disney has taken down this vid from Youtube for copyright reasons, so I wonder how long this one will stay up for?
Wow, that's great. Is there no footage Ruffalo is not the secret star of? Not that I'm complaining about that.
Thor and the hammer was priceless!

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This was really funny, I loved Joss breaking up the fighting (actually I loved it all). Is Scarlett the only one who isn't funny?
So FUNNY! Thanks for posting!
The comments over on io9 asked the same thing, embers (and I was wondering it myself). Someone said she's really shy in person. Plus she's the only woman in a lot of these.
I'm pretty sure Cobie Smulders got more time in the gag reel than she did in the movie. Her gag reel bit was epic, though.
Not a lot with Hiddleston, but his Rickman impersonation, Cobie's breakdown and Ruffalo's heroic retreat made it for me.
I've been looking at a lot of Loki-stuff on lately and I just thought 00:24 would make a great t-shirt, lol.
And the Thor and Cap moment has been GIF-ed in all its slow-motion glory already.
Scarlett has a couple of quick bits early on in the ensemble pieces.
Cobie speaks words of fandom.

And Tom continues to rule tumblr - or break it. Evil adorable man. Now I have flashes of Hiddles as young!Snape.

For many fans Clark Gregg just handed them their very own slash fic banner. A true fan he really is lol

Mark is just so - ugh, more please!

Joss Whedon, "Stop fighting!" listen to the Master's words people of Earth, he knows what he's talking about.
The fumbly part was great. And the other fumbly part.

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I've had the vid queued up in an extra window all day waiting for some time to watch and I'm glad I did because when I reloaded the page, the video was gone. At least I got one view. Very funny stuff!
AUGH. I was at work when the deleted scenes and blooper reel were online and now Disney has shut everything down DAMN you Disney! Ugh! (shakes fists)
Yeah, I was looking forward to this as well. No afterwork-Avengers-delight. :(
This one still works
Thanks, @DDgirl!

Wow. I don't think we even saw Nick Fury or Hawkeye smile once in the movie, it's so funny seeing them break character. I love so many parts of this. I just saw Avengers again today (it's still showing in one theater in NYC!) and it was as awesome as I remember it. And now I'm all excited for Avengers 2.
Damned Disney removing the video! I'm going to buy the DVD anyway! Augghhh!!!
Nope, they're all removed. Dammit!
This one still works
Udo Schmitz, that was AWESOME! Thank you, happy now.
Thank you, Udo Schmitz! :D
Another thank you, Udo Schmitz. I thought I'd totally missed out.
So fun and can't wait for the DVD!

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