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August 21 2012

Cabin in the Woods Q&A in actual woods with Drew Goddard & Jesse Williams. This is the two-part Q&A video from the "Kinema in the woods" that happened on March 23 in Lincolnshire, UK. FULL OF SPOILERS so beware! This is part 1 and here is part 2. In other news, the movie is opening in Germany in a few weeks, finally (Sept. 6!).

It's been quite a while now but I've not seen it posted here (search came up only with the announcement of the screening)

For people who have still not have seen it or are just now getting around to it, I've collected the other older Q&A sessions from the SXSW premiere with Joss and Drew here:

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Oh what a great Q&A! Drew is so funny, and Jesse was very funny and charming too. I loved here about the making of 'Cabin in the Woods' from them. I wish I had been there.
Jesse's answer to the question about the blood was hilarious - it even broke Drew up.
It's really awesome that we live in the YouTube age when all these Q&A sessions find their way onto the 'net so we don't miss out on all the fun!

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