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August 21 2012

"Sleepwalk With Me" Q&A to be moderated by Joss Whedon. Been following the long running one week old feud on YouTube? Then you're well aware of Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass's efforts to get Joss to promote their movie "Sleepwalk With Me". Joss will be moderating a Q&A after a screening of the movie on the 28th in Beverly Hills. For a small donation, you can be a part of this event.

Awwww damnit!!! Now that I live in LA... I have NO reason not to go to this... Hmmmm.... ;)
Yet more proof that Joss is pretty much the greatest guy in Hollywood.
Hoo boy. Gotta decide if I can pay that much, but it's a pretty good deal. $25 per ticket, with dessert provided.
I wish I lived in LA, or near LA, or could get to LA easily.... *sigh*
Birbiglia and Glass were on NPR's "Fresh Air" the other day, should be in podcast form soon if not already. (I could only listen to the first 5 minutes so don't know if they got into the feud or not, can't download until Weds night, sorry.)

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