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August 21 2012

25 cool behind-the-scenes photos from various TV shows. Including a shot from Firefly, and an especially cool one from Buffy.

I just watched Doppelgangland this weekend, and these doubles were put to work!

Nice although - as already noted on the page - those aren't Star Trek: The Next Generation tv era uniforms.
Hey those are really cool. The set of Walking Dead is just so not what we see on the screen. All the crew is so close to the action.

These pictures make me much more impressed with the actors.

ANd I absolutely love the picture of Lucy Ball reading one set.
I was always wondering why both vamp willows wear the pink outfit. Do you need a vamp stand-in and a vamp action double on top?
Wow, resurrecting an old pic, real interesting.
Fun, especially all the Willows.
I love the Game of Thrones and Macbook Mad Men pictures because they're just so anachronistic. And I can't believe that the train in Jericho was actually tiny!
I love behind the scenes photos like that. The 'I Love Lucy' and Original 'Star Trek' photos are my favorites. I've seen the four Willows picture before, in fact I think they did whole big photo shoot with Alyson and all the doubles.
Yeah, I'm not getting why they needed THREE extra Willows. Why not double up the vamp stunt double as a stand-in?

That Firefly shot doesn't mess with my mind, it BLOWS my mind. What an impressive set!!!

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