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August 22 2012

'Much Ado About Nothing' gets TIFF premiere date. It will be unveiled on September 8th. And check out the programmer's note for the movie, " this new Ado is a devilishly sharp celebration of banter and flirtation, unruly plots and unlikely romance, a timeless comedy brought deftly to life by its cast of trained Shakespeareans and notable members of Whedon's unofficial stock company".

I can't tell you how jealous I am that this is going on I'm stuck in the UK. Very. Very jealous. Much Ado is my favourite Shakespeare play and I've seen many versions, but this one is set to be the one that lodges in my heart, I suspect. Shakespeare? Joss? Some of my favourite actors? Oh yes, bring it on.
Who are the trained Shakespeareans in the cast?
Yep, definitely Amtraking it up from Chicago to see this baby.
@Simon - From previous interviews/articles, I'm thinking Reed Diamond and Alexis Denisof. There might be others, though

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Ooooooh I like the rest of her synopsis: "Whedon calls Shakespeare's play "a deconstruction of the idea of love" but you could also just call it a good time and be done with it."

Sounds like it's going to be great. . .

I hope to get tickets for either Saturday or Sunday showing, but failing that hopefully Friday won't be too hard since screenings on a Friday morning aren't likely to be too much in demand. I do freelance work at home, so I can work my schedule around to a Friday morning screening.

I imagine Joss will be at the Saturday screening for a Q&A. There's a smaller chance he will be there on the Sunday and I doubt he will be sticking around for a full week later for the Friday screening.

Note that anyone trying to get tickets in the past their ticketing system has always gone down when single tickets have gone on sale. Last year it took me a few hours before I could finally complete the process. Perhaps this is the year that TIFF has finally made sure they have enough server power to withstand the onslaught of visitors, but I wouldn't be surprised if everything crashes once again.
So, after waiting on hold for ten minutes, I learned that individual tickets will be $19.69 and they won't go on sale until September 2nd at 10 AM (Toronto time). I may try for this. Wish me luck.
*resumes crossing of fingers for Vancouver International Film Festival screening*
How I wish I could go see this. :(
Here's a link for all the TIFF ticket dates. So people who buy packages will get first pick of tickets at the end of August. Those who are part of TIFF Patron Circle (have donated $1500 or more) get to choose single tickets next.

Then September 1st, at 10 am ticket availability will be updated to find out what is left and if any screenings have sold out.

Tickets go on sale online on Sunday September 2, at 10 am EST, which means the TIFF website will likely crash around 9:55 am or so and telephone lines will all be jammed up. Even if you do get through on the telephone, they will take some time to process your ticket order with everyone online overwhelming the ticket system.

Best of luck embers! I'm going to be away on vacation when tickets go on sale, so I'm hoping a friend of mine can pull through with buying a ticket for me.
I am so hoping I can go. I have plans to go to Toronto anyhow, I just don't know the dates yet. I have every digit available crossed that it's on the same weekend.
Oh yeah, I see Matt_Fabb: it looks like if I became an individual member for $99 then I would have a better chance of getting ticket (better than waiting until Sept. 2nd, but by no means guaranteed). I've sent a message off to my cousin (with whom I would want to stay) to see what they think. Probably nothing will come of it, but I would really love to be there!
embers, individual members only get access to tickets if you bought a package. Excluding the Back Half Pack, which get tickets after the single selection, the cheapest package is 10 tickets for $160. Also I know people who have bought packages and they have already been assigned when their window, so it might be too late for that. For single tickets, you have to be a Patron Circle Member, which as mentioned the cheapest is $1500. Individual TIFF Members don't seem to get early access to single tickets.
Just checked the site and packages are all sold out. So single tickets are all that left. Note that almost every showing has a few seats given to the rush line. Basically, get in line an hour or more before the screening and they will give away any extra seats that have not been taken, 10 minutes before the screening. As there are almost always people with tickets who can't make it for one reason or another.
Fell in love with "Much Ado ..." more than two decades ago, can't wait to see it done by Joss and his crew.
Tenative woot because I found out that the reason I was originally going to Toronto is being scheduled for the 7th...
So if I can get tickets, I am so going.
ETA: Also, it's the day before my birthday. :) That karmacally counts for something... right?

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. . .with his consummate, small-scale cultist's modesty . . .

Now I want Joss to write a play called The Cultist's Modesty.

ETA: I also want to know when the score drops on Bandcamp & sundry. And whether the merry Whedon backyard company has a name.

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I've bought tickets at their Box Office as well. I wonder if they will be offering that as an option on the 2nd as well.
I hope so because my trip timing works out and I'd love to go. :)
YES! Just got tickets to this. It only took an hour! Squeee!
How did you get tickets, witch_kat?
Sorry I missed this Gossi - but I see you figured it out since you posted the link to buy tickets.

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