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August 22 2012

A Real Bloodsucker. Tony Head's rendition of Behind Blue Eyes makes the list of covers in this review of essential tracks by The Who.

I loved Giles singing Behind Blue Eyes. I was totally alongside Willow being lust-struck as she gazed at him, mouth open. Delicious! I actually bought the Limp Bizkit version on the strength of Tony Head's performance. Limp Bizkit did it proud, but Tony Head's was better.
I just wish he'd release the full version of that. And "Free Bird".

C'mon, Tony - give us a new album! Tony Head Unplugged! None of that goofy electronic stuff. Just your guitar and lovely voice.
I totally agree with ShadowQuest. I would pay good money for an acoustic album. I did buy Tony Head's other one, but it wasn't really my cup of tea - although I did have fun trying to pick out Amber Benson's voice where she's credited for VOX. And James Marsters too, I think - it's been a while! I did download 'Cry', the charity track, and that's quite splendid. Somebody needs to tell him he's got a ready made audience.
"80's Nescafe heartthrob" - has there ever been a more adorable title?
So good, also and this is slightly underrated but his Rocky Horror stuff is AMAZING too, wish he'd sing more.
I have scoured the internet for a version of "Blue Eyes" that comes anywhere near ASH's version, with no luck at all. And now all the other covers of that song are ruined for me.

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