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August 22 2012

Browncoats Mixtape artist needs help! Adam Warrock, the artist behind the Browncoats Mixtape that came out earlier this year needs your help. Yesterday his car was broken into and his laptop (containing all of the music for his current tour) was stolen.

He is going to do a 24 hour Rap-a-Thon this Friday to help raise enough money to replace the laptop and continue his tour. Any additional funds raised will go to benefit RAINN.

If you have some spare time and can pledge even a small amount, go to Warrock's tumblr and help out as much as you can.

I was going to send a few dollars, then I read that he would make and send everyone a CD. But I imagine I would have to send a lot to make up for the CD and shipping to Sweden.

But now after reading the linked article about Todd Akin, I really want to donate something. The link to the donate site seems to be dead though.
He's working on fixing the links. :)

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