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August 23 2012

No Joss Whedon commentary on the UK release of The Avengers DVD/Blu-ray? The US is getting one but it's not looking good for the UK. The commentary isn't listed at the BBFC, Amazon UK,, HMV or Sainsbury's. Update: It is listed at (retail exclusive?).

Good thing I gave up on region 2 several years ago.

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Good thing I download everything until the industry works out a model where I can pay for what I want.
Bizarre and unfortunate, not sure why they'd make such a different package for UK fans.
This makes little to no sense.
Bunnies, there's still a perfectly good film you can buy. But, sure.
This makes little to no sense.

Apparently this sort of thing is partly due to all the extra languages that a R2 disc has to include. Though there should be no excuse for that when it comes to Blu-ray.
Wait it looks like it could be a Tescos exclusive.
That... I'm just hoping Disney haven't sent out a proper press release for the UK so everyone is guessing.
Well HMV are notorious for failing to post product details, I just hope that's the case here... I NEED that commentary, gorram it!
Maybe they think the accent is too difficult and regional. Like when NBC kept cutting out parts of the Olympic ceremony for being too British.

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...explains why the UK version is so much cheaper.

I guess I'll import the US version then along with the the Cabin Blu Ray.

Btw, what's up with those Blu Ray prices on 30+ bucks for a movie? That is insane! I'm basically paying 30 dollars for a commentary track at this point.
D-e-f-, you're getting a US Cabin BD? Why? Something I should know about the UK release?
Well if that's the case I'll cancel the preorder Bluray with Amazon and order it from Tescos.
I'll wait to pre-order or buy until I hear for certain. I only buy certain BluRays nowadays, and always for the extras ( e.g. this years will be Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Ted, Skyfall, and the Hobbit). Otherwise I just rent them on iTunes, but those are the films I want the extras for.
Also curious about the importing decision on Cabin (going for the HMV steelbook myself unless there's something up with the UK versions..?)
Avengers for me was a `buy later` anyway, and if by some weird twist the BR lacks the commentary it gets shunted further back in my buying priorities.
I doubt the Tesco version is any different from the Amazon one. I don't think Tesco does that kind of exclusive (and if they did I think they might make a big deal out of it). Either the commentary is in both, or Tesco's screwed up.
I've gone straight to the (well, a) source, and sent a query to If this turns out to be an actual thing, I'm definitely going to cancel my pre-order and start looking for the cheapest way to get my hands on a U.S. import.

In the somewhat unlikely event that the issue hasn't been cleared up (by some official statement, or just someone else already having done what I just did) by the time I get a response, I'll be sure to post it here.
If Tesco were doing this as an exclusive then the bbfc would still have to rate it (which they haven't), like they've done with the Sainsbury's exclusive documentary.

However it doesn't look like they've even rated the film on blu-ray yet so who knows what's going on.
Woah, Dave B, I can't believe I didn't know about the Sainsbury's exclusive cover and documentary.
90 minutes documentary? I guess that makes it worth ordering on it's own.
Btw, what's up with those Blu Ray prices on 30+ bucks for a movie? That is insane! I'm basically paying 30 dollars for a commentary track at this point.

Honestly, I've had this discussion with people too because in a world where a video game costs $60 and provides usually a minimum of twice the play time, the question is does the industry think it can survive long term like that? Skyrim cost 60 when it was released and you're talking about a product that potentially provided 500 hours of entertainment. I like me some Joss, but $30 for 2 and a half hours? And think about how bad it is for Indie movies that get shoehorned into that price tag? How much could they be selling without it?
And yet both a 500 hour game and a 2.5 hour movie, plus extras, both have to go through the same printing process to produce the physical copy, regardless of the content. That is why they add extras. If it was just the film for $30 the industry knows they would lose a lot of people to rentals. Comparing the movie industry to the gaming industry is like comparing apples to juice. Both provide entertainment in different forms while containing different amounts of substance.
Other than the 90 minutes documentary, are there any other exclusives with extra extras?
Does a comic book count? Asda has that offer - Link.
That's pretty cool. I'll probably try to read that digitally though, if possible(I have a feeling it might not be, if it's exclusive as in not found anywere else, instead of the only blu ray sold with the comic).
Man, this is a mess. Need some solid answers from them ASAP!
I already pre-ordered the 3d version from Sainsburys. If there is no commentary I'll be very annoyed. And the studios wonder why there is piracy?
lets just hope this is a huge listing mistake. Maybe most of the site believe Audio Commentary is so standard on DVDs these days its not worth listing... at least i hope thats the case... really need to find some clarification.
@Jaymii no, nothing about the UK Blu ray is an issue, it's just that I use a North American PS3 as my Blu Ray player and since Lionsgate doesn't like region free Blu Rays, I have to shell out for the region A one ...
So I need to buy the sainsburys blu ray and the Tesco blu ray? Oh well, it won't be the first film I've bought twice.
Tesco's will not have a separate disc of the movie that has different extras. All UK discs of the movie will be the same with the same extras. The BBFC has not listed a commentary on their site so I'm wondering have they done this before or if indeed Disney are screwing over UK/Europe as they have been known to do so in the past by loading all european discs with several language tracks and not including the commentary.

Glad to see this issue being discussed here as it has been doing my head in since I first read about it.

I don't want a disc with French, Spanish, German... tracks. I just want the English track with the English commentary!
I hate that you still have to buy discs for commentary tracks. iTunes is pretty good about including deleted scenes and sometimes documentaries, but they never have the commentaries.

If not, hopefully the trend of film-makers releasing commentary tracks online as podcasts gets more popular.
But it's Avengers Assemble in the UK with it's own title card, so it's feasible that the UK has it's own pressing (which of course makes having extra language tracks even more puzzling)
I have to say, the main reason why I've not actually gone over to BluRay at all yet is the region coding, which doesn't seem to be hackable or to have multi-region players at the moment (and is different from DVD regions). I am so used to getting DVDs from all over the world, it would pain me to have to just get from the UK's region. It will be annoying to have to miss out on the extras which are on the BluRay and not the DVD, but at least with the DVD I can still go R1 and get the commentary.

Although I hadn't realised just how bare of features (apart from the commentary) event the R1 DVD would be. Maybe there will be a 2 disc one coming along later?
Kiddo: Actually, more and more blu-ray releases are region free, or at least both region A+B compatible (which covers U.S. and EU regions, respectively). In fact, Marvel in particular has been pretty good with coding pretty much all their releases region free, which is why I'm not too worried about that particular aspect of importing a U.S. blu-ray, if the commentary is indeed removed from the U.K. release. The risk of incurring import fees through customs, on the other hand... Ugh. Hoping it won't come to that.
A friend of mine just bought spanish avengers blu ray yesterday (a mistake from a shop, it doesnt come out till the 29 of august) and... There is no Joss Whedon commentary on it. The edition is full of languages, so its not just a spanish printing, its meant for europe... im afraid, including UK. Maybe you brits get lucky after all (even dvd or blu rays printed for several european countries have, sometimes, two, three diferent blocks or gropus of countries for wich they are made) but it doesnt bode well...

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Well there goes my incentive for actually buying a hard copy.

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