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August 23 2012

USA Today suggests mid season movies with the best prospects at the Oscars. They think "The Avengers" has a fair chance.

Avengers is SOOOO much better than The Dark Knight Rises.....
Avengers did better critically and box-office wise than The Dark Knight Rises, so I'm gonna be a little upset if The Dark Knight Rises gets nominated for things and Avengers doesn't...
I'm done with the Oscars. Last year, they snubbed Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, one of the best reviewed movie of the year (in fact it was THE best reviewed movie on Rotten Tomatoes with an outstanding 96%). That movie happened to be the biggest success at the Box Office (domestic and international) of the year and was the last chapter of one of the most popular franchise in the history of cinema and literature.

I mean seriously, they picked some boring generic drama like The Descendants over HP!!!
Joss needs a screen writing nod because out of every movie the Academy plans on choosing for that category Joss definitely had the hardest job.
The fact that movie even made sense to everyone who saw it from die hard fan to none fan is a feat. He deserves a nod for his writing
If the Dark Knight Rises gets any Oscar love it will likely be because they snubbed The Dark Knight. The Oscar loves to redress past mistakes. That's why Scorsese has an Oscar for The Departed.
I'll probably get stoned to death for this but I just don't think that the movie is Oscar material. I really liked the movie for what it was - a fun and very entertaining summer blockbuster about super heroes. But that's it... Sure it wasn't an easy task to tackle all those characters in one movie but when it comes down to the story I just don't see how this would (or should) qualify for any major categories.
"Beasts of the southern Wild" is considered to have a chance?
I'm gonna watch that movie this weekend at a festival. (It isn't out around here.)
My expectations just grew.

I didn't like "The Dark Knight Rises" that much. "The Avengers" is my favourite expensive blockbuster movie this year. I hope there is gonna be some writing-love.
I'm done with the Oscars too, ever since Ordinary People beat Raging Bull. Yes, I'm old. Still Avengers deserves a nomination.
If Avatar could get a bunch of noms, I don't see why Avengers couldn't. Having said that although I love the movie overall and it has many many great moments, I felt the beginning was very poorly handled, and it contained some of Joss's worst dialogue (along with some great dialogue) The whole movie felt constrained and conventionally plotted.
for sure 'the avengers' should get a nod for writing, directing, or cinematography. joss' trademark dialogue and solid plot-development aside, the tight action sequences were a huge feat. unlike other big-budget, cgi-heavy action flicks (transformers, anyone?) the audience could actually understand what was physically happening at all times. must've been all those years of working out fight sequences in 'buffy.'
I don't see it, really. I could see it making an appearance at the Golden Globes, but not the Oscars. I don't think any of the films released so far this year will be on the nods. It doesn't have enough gravitas for it to be noticed in that way. Avengers 2 though...

bivith, I'm always confused by what to make of the beginning. I'm not a huge advocate for it, but Joss's original ideas - the longer cut - would have improved the opening dramatically, I think.

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Beasts is in my estimation the movie of the year. You just have to watch, and the little girl in the middle is astonishing- it is nearly as good a child acting as Victoire Thivosol was in Ponette, it's that good.

Avengers has no chance, I honestly think. It's an expensive action comic-book movie and in general those do not do well. Dark Knight is far more likely, and I do not see it doing well either, due to circumstances beyond its control.

As to the Oscar itself, it's meaningless really. Remember when Gladiator beat Crouching Tiger?
I could actually see Scarlett Johansson get an Oscar nomination (supporting?) just because there are never that many strong women's roles to get nominations and she really was pushing outside of her usual comfort zone.

But yeah, special effects and set design and lots of other categories are likely.
I'm having a hard time remembering a year when my favorite movie won Best Picture.

"Beasts" is full of the stuff the Academy loves. "Avengers," not so much. I loved both movies--but I'll only be buying one of them on dvd.
Avengers did better critically and box-office wise than The Dark Knight Rises, so I'm gonna be a little upset if The Dark Knight Rises gets nominated for things and Avengers doesn't...

I could see it either way honestly. Many suggest that Nolan's Dark Knight is the reason the field was expanded, so his next film may go in simply as an acknowledgement since TDK didn't get one. I'd actually agree with that, because I honestly believe had TDK not been Batman, the nod would have occurred at the very least. It was too flawed to win, but not too flawed to be recognized. So an "oops" nomination is possible.

Although I don't think the LOTR comparison is apt. All three of those films were nominated I believe and I believe all but one were were more critically acclaimed than TDK. The Return of the King's win I never viewed as a make up, so much as the Academy was going to have to start asking itself "are you just making up reasons to not select these films as the winner?" Or you could also say, if you manage to make three films released over the span over three years AND you manage to average a 94% metacritic (disclaimer: and you're not making a documentary) wouldn't you expect just by probability to pull one win out of that?

And honestly, I don't think you can get a better version of what the Avengers was supposed to be in the can, so in my opinion it deserves at least a nomination but Academy has always been reluctant to allow that type of movie to be recognized so seeing two in one year seems highly unlikely. Don't get me wrong, I could nitpick it but I've managed more than a few viewings without doing it which for me is rare.

Then again, maybe it would be brilliant marketing to have their tentpole of the summer win for the quality of the film. One can always dream.
I will be very happily shocked if Avengers gets nominated for best film. I really hope to see a nom for writing and/or directing though. But still, I doubt it.

I know the Academy likes to do 'oops' Nominations/Wins (obviously Fellowship should have had the win, not Return of the King... side note... WOW I didn't remember that Moulin Rouge was nominated in 2002... that kinda rocks), but if TDKR is nominated when it shouldn't be, after The Dark Knight not being nominated when it should have... I think I'll cry. Because it'll just be a reminder of how much of a let down it was...
TDK itself shouldn't have been nominated. That script had so many plot holes and awful one liners. Heath's performance is legendary, but the only Oscar worthy thing.
1. I don't think the Avengers would win a Best Film but it could win in other categories.

2. When the Academy expanded the Best Film category to allow for up to 10 nominations, it was to drive tv ratings with some "popular" films for those who hope to dream.

3. I do not get the love for Dark Knight Rises.
I'll acknowledge up front that I didn't "get" the movie. That said, it makes me a little uneasy that some people find it Oscar-worthy.

I routinely mentally compare this board to another I'm on (for not at all similar reasons) wherein many of its members can't begin to separate what they like from what is good/great. Trust I understand subjectivity and the statement nonetheless holds true to a frightening extent in some cases.

Regardless of the subjectivity (and occasional ludicrousness) of the awards, The Avengers is a well done "movie," not a "film." Stating it that way is simply for ease of purpose; I think everyone knows how I mean it and hope the comment doesn't inspire superfluous debate. Compared to what are widely critically considered truly great films, I don't think it compares. Not that I believe the awards even gets that right. I thought The Descendants was drivel.

But does The Avengers even have a story per se?

Now Buffy from seasons 2-5 and Angel season 5 as Emmy material. Without question.

Then again, I love Ordinary People...


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It should win an Oscar for the Hulk smashing Loki scene. And I'm serious, because that scene made me cry with laughter - it was a perfect character and story moment.
I adored that moment. Because at first I was just shocked that it happened but immediately I realized that OF COURSE that would be what the Hulk would do to Loki.
We stating facts about the quality of the movie then? Im really excited about people telling me what the movie truly is, confounded me... ;)

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But does The Avengers even have a story per se?

Several, in the same way that something like Crash does. There are too many primary characters to have a single cohesive narrative, so instead you have multiple narratives woven around common events. There's Stark dealing with the no-win scenario. Rogers dealing with finding a place in a world that's not his own. Banner on some level discovering a use for his curse and in some way reconciling both sides of himself rather than simply choosing to suppress one. Thor and Loki seem there mostly for plot purposes and if there's a definitive arc, I don't really see it in either of them. And there's really what are allusions to and some character work with Hawkeye/Widow. There's more than enough in that pairing to suggest a story we're not shown entirely.

In the end, there are those who will not accept a commercial project like The Avengers as artistic no matter what is done with it. I don't mind it so much, but I find it funny when they can't define in terms of shot selection, sound choices, theme, dialogue, editing, special effects, or in general how they make their distinction. That's what I'd like to see, a list that categorically proves that blockbuster fare can not be a Best PIcture nominee. And then another list, where half of the Best Picture winners are disqualified because they fail to meet that criteria.

I doubt the Avengers will win Best Picture, but I would not be shocked if it is a better version of what it is trying to be than the eventual Best Picture winner. Best Pictures generally have several definable archetypes and The Avengers doesn't fit it. Usually the winners of those awards are easy to pick and only come in very specific flavors.

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ok throwing in my two cents in here it would be awesome if avengers won as for plot their saving the world also never really been a fan of chris nolans batman dont get me wrong its a good movie but ive awalys been a marvel fan myself
Unfortunately, I don't see Avengers making it onto the nominee list. Regardless of its merit, it's just not the kind of film that gets nominated for big creative categories. Which is a shame, but what're you gonna do?
The academy isn't very fond of comic books, but I believe it may nab a nomination or two in the technical/effects department
I'd be amazed if there weren't technical nominations, at the very least. Sodding Transformers got technical nods, so there's really no excuse.
The argument that is made for Batman, using LOTR as an example doesn't really take into account that LOTR were filmed all at the same time, so to me it felt more like they waited until the third to give it Best Director and Best Picture like they were for all three as one. The Batman movies weren't filmed all at once. They are three seperate movies. Sure all about one character and his 'arc' but it's not the same, IMO.

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