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August 24 2012

(SPOILER) How I drew Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. David Mack, cover artist for the new Willow Mini-Series, gives a step-by-step guide on drawing the Buffyverse's resident witch.

Want - like right now. Also, by far this is the best artist DH has snatched for the cover art of Buffy-Angel-verse. The #3 deserves to be framed right away. Is there a way to purchase these as prints ?
David Mack is an amazingly talented artist. I fell in love with his work doing covers for Marvel's Alias title, many moons ago. Since then, I've met him a few times at comic shows and a couple years ago he even did a great Kabuki sketch for me. (I'll post if anyone's interested in seeing it)

David is a very cool addition to the Verse!
Love David Mack's Covers.
These are spectacularly excellent renditions- the third cover is about as perfect a cover as I have seen in comics.
Those covers are things of beauty. If I wasn't already going to get the mini-series I think I'd buy them just for the covers.
These are insane! I am so psyched for this mini and I totally agree about the prints. Where can I find them and what must I do to possess them?

On storyline note: the Saga Vasuki stuff is exciting, I was always super interested in she and Willow's dynamic. Especially after the way too short one-shot from last year.
Wow, I never realised until now how utterly perfect Mack is for the Willow covers.
this covers are simply wonderful
All I can see one the one cover is a giant penis spurting all over Willow's stomach. Please tell me it's not just me.
Yep, just you, @didifallasleep! Which one are you talking about? The one with the snake wrapping around her?
Been a fan of David Mack for years (go get Kabuki if you don't own it)! Just another strange collision of my obsessions (most of which the one half involves Buffy or Joss). I wasn't really blown away by cover #1, but the rest look astounding!
Really cool, might be the incentive I need to buy the Willow mini.

I still have a slight problem with the sudden appearance of Willow's heretofore undiscovered large breasts in the first cover though!
"I still have a slight problem with the sudden appearance of Willow's heretofore undiscovered large breasts in the first cover though!"

Don't think of it as an exact representation of Willow; it's more of an abstraction of female shape that is formed from negative space on a canvas. It creates a more dramatic image than would a more accurate figure.

Since Willow is a witch, it also ties in with that theme, where the large breasts and hips are symbolic of the female form in pagan religions. (Such as the "Venus of Willendorf.")

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