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August 24 2012

Marti Noxon developing divorce comedy for Showtime. The new show (which she'll be writing and exec producing) is said to be semi-autobiographical.

Go Marti! I spent all season ranting that networks need to develop more female driven shows as it can clearly pay off. So, also yay.
Great news for her, she's definitely earned it.
"Like Noxon, Iovine was divorced from famous music producer Jimmy Iovine..."


What an astounding coincidence!
Great news! Two projects from Marti on TV!
Quotergal, that is just bad writing. Marti wasn't married to Iovine. Also seems to be edited now.
Wonderful news. I hope I get to see this - I'd guess it will be a quite some time before it comes to UK, if at all. But I'm very happy to have more of Marti Noxon's work making it's way out into the world.
IrrationaliTV: Quotergal, that is just bad writing. Marti wasn't married to Iovine. Also seems to be edited now.

Yes indeedy, ma'am, that was indeed the thrust of my sarcasm. ; ]

I don't think they've edited it - but I believe the post's link was changed from CinemaBlend to The Hollywood Reporter. Even with my caches cleared, that clunky sentence still shows for me.

In case CinemaBlend does catch it & edit it, I've captured their error for all eternity so that my brilliant sarcasm remains relevant & trenchant. ; ]

All part of the service here at QuoterGal, Inc.: "Our Sarcasm is Guaranteed Fresh, or Your Money Back and No Questions Asked!"
What happened to her work on Glee? She was announced with big fanfare then zilch now this.

Good luck to her.
Zilch? She was on the writing staff for the entirely of last season, credited as a consulting producer. She was also credited for writing two episodes, but Ryan Murphy shows are room-written, so that just means that it was her turn to have her name in the credits.
is it me, or does it seem that marti noxon never stays very long on any show (except buffy)? is she brought in especially for a quick punch-up in a series or does she just not work well with non-joss people?
A "divorce comedy"? Seems an oxymoron.
I can feel my toes 'acuring! Gosh, you've got to love Marti! Wishing her my best.
It's possible Amrita. I just watched Steven Moffat's divorce comedy Joking Apart (also semi-autobiographical, I believe) this summer and that was quite good (with a lot of old fashioned Fawlty Towers like farce, some clever jokes and Robert Bathurst in a great lead role).
So we've got Jane covering marriage and Marti covering divorce. Who's doing singles?

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