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August 24 2012

(SPOILER) Summer Glau - An Extraordinary Summer. A discussion with Summer Glau about her return to the second season of SyFy's Alphas as well as tidbits about her past as a tv actor. Contains slight spoilers for the Alphas episode "Alphavile", premiering this Monday at 8pm ET on SyFy.

Serenity apparently came out in 1995. #DidNotDoTheResearch

Lovely interview though. And I'm stoked to see her back on Alphas, I love her character.
I just caught up on Alphas this week. God, this show is amazing! I'd have never expected this. The characters are all unique, interesting and extremely funny in their own way.

Summer guest starring was the icing on the cake. It's really refreshing to see her with that crazy hair! Oh god, the hair! Fabulous! :D

Really psyched for Mondays episode.
Well, expect a more River-looking Skylar Adams, D-e-f-, since all the shots of Summer from the upcoming episode Alphaville (that I've seen at least) have her looking more like River than what she did during S1's Catch and Release. I definitely liked her Punk Princess look during S1 but being a mom? It changes you in so many ways, it seems...

Say what you want to about him (and, boy, have I ever,) Joss's shows seem to always gian that fmaily-esque ambience.

(Still hoping to see her play opposite Eliza in Werewolf of Boston, but even if soembody's writing it, it probably won't get optioned.)

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Such a great interview, her voice really came through!

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