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August 25 2012

Top 10 Sci-Fi Redheads. SFX list their top redheads in sci-fi and fantasy , including 3 from Whedon creations.

I love that they chose Felicia Day instead of Codex, Penny, Vi, etc. It makes me picture her whole life as being science fiction, rather than just some of the roles she has played.
Does The Guild really qualify as sci-fi or fantasy? Certainly the game in the show is fantasy, but the majority of the show is in the real world. (I am definitely NOT saying that Felicia doesn't deserve to be on the list.)
they forgot Saffron in Firefly (although I think she was originally blond, the actress)
She's there under the entry for Wash, symbiotics, and yes, Christina dyes her hair.

...don't ask why I know that last part.
So does Alyson (re: dyeing of the hair), though SFX seems to not have gotten the memo. Great list anyway!
I don't think there's anything wrong with knowing that, ManEnoughToAdmitIt...any decent-length interview or article about Christina references she's a natural blonde but Lucille Ball is her idol and she dyed it to match Ms. Ball's (artificial) titian hairdo ;P
All these characters and actors have been an inspiration to me. Merida's hair looks like mine did, when I was little.
What a completely random thing to make a list for. What's next "Top 10 blue-eyed Sci-fi hobbits"?
Why has the thought never crossed my mind (or seen it mentioned elsewhere in 15 years) that were-Oz should have had red fur? Maybe since his natural color wasn't really established, since Seth was black and blond at points. Still, I like the idea.
Yes, Alyson's natural color has only the barest hint of red in the very dark - Willow was a bottle redhead, and Lily is also dyed- to cover the red touches. And I don't think they'd get along too well, but Marshall and Tara would be a million laughs to hang out with.
Vamp Willow & Dru get mentioned in their "Top 10 Sci-Fi Fantasy Goths" list:
You guys are crushing my fantasy redhead. If you wish to go to the extreme, we could dial this up to "Jool" in "Farscape"?

Whatever her hair color, Aly is still one of the best actresses...damn it!
I think this is a fun list (I hope to see some Game of Thrones added to it at some point). I particularly love that they threw in the entire Wesley family at number 1 (because it would be hard to pick just one).

BTW was YoSafBridge a redhead? I thought she only went red when she went to Mad Men (obviously time to rewatch my Firefly DVDs).
Wait! Doesn't Joss have red hair? Why isn't in the top ten redheads of sci-fi and fantasy? He has red hair. He makes a lot of sci-fi/fantasy type stuff. And he is the best.
Good point, LadyJay: a glaring omission, now that you mention it. Brigadier, the reason for my shame is that ordinarily I wouldn't be reading such articles... except when it's Ms. Hendricks.

And Ms. Gellar.

And possibly Ms. Johansson and Mr. Marsters.
! Excellent point, LadyJay!

Also, I now feel a little bad that I didn't check Whedonesque earlier tonight, as no one seems to have posted about the mini Charisma Carpenter-athon on SyFy Channel. She's in the new Haunted High, which was followed by a showing of her previous 'Fy feature House of Bones, and is currently being followed up with a re-run of H.H. (Though, I wasn't sure House of Bones was ultimatly worth the time I invested in it when I saw it, so, may not be a huge loss for many...) Still, yay for C. C.!

E.T.A. ...Now that I've seen parts of Haunted High, 1) I'm not sure that I've seen Charisma at all, and 2) this may be the cheapest-looking movie I've ever seen on Sci Fi/SyFy. I kind of hope it's just an error that lists Carpenter in this thing, and really don't feel so badly now that the word wasn't put out on this. Now, I just feel kind of bad for Danny Trejo....

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No Jean Grey? Shame.
Christina Hendricks.

PS: And isn't Alan Tudyk blond or am I colorblind?
Yea, Jean Grey! And what about Walter Kovacs aka Rorschak? Red Sonja? Kvothe from Name of the Wind? Fafhrd, from Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser?
Sorrry, but having the Weasley's (probably more fantasy then sci-fi) and none of Alice from Luther (Ok, it's a drama show) doesn't works for me.
Ricardo Leal, you will see Alan blond or redhead in one role or another. I suspect he's more naturally blond than red, but ya never know...

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