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August 25 2012

Dear Miss Landau... An autistic man journeys from Scotland to Hollywood to meet Juliet Landau.

James Christie is a Scottish man with Asperger's syndrome, struggling to deal with life in normal society. He became fascinated with BtVS and with Drusilla in particular, writing "Drusilla's Roses," "Drusilla's Redemption," and "Drusilla Revenant" (not yet published, apparently) fanfic pieces. He sent the first two to Juliet Landau and they became correspondents, culminating in Christie traveling from Scotland to meet Miss Landau in Hollywood. An interesting read from several perspectives, with Miss Landau being present in virtual form throughout but the actual meeting... well, I don't want to spoil it.

The interview is lovely to read...thank you for this! Seriously considering buying the book.
tried to read 'drusilla's roses' but the writing is kind of clunky, and doesn't take into account that the average fan reading a fanfic doesn't need everything explained to them about what's happened on the show.

also...what's with describing the street punks as "mexican or chicano"?? racist much??

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Since I have apparently gone a tad overboard with my concerns, I respectfully apologize to tayriley for getting het up but I still feel the way his/her feelings about how Mr. Christie writes and any perceptions of apparent racism could have been as well couched in more polite rhetoric, since the article notes he has Asberger's Syndrome, which my original post showed via a quote did involve certain habits that could resemble certain unpleasant mindsets.

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It's fair to comment on the writing in a link, BlueEyedBrigadier. You can bring up the specific context in response to another poster without jumping down their throat.
A brave and inspiring individual, to break from his routine and challenge himself by traveling across the globe to meet his "Muse."

Skimmed "Drusilla's Rose" as I generally don't read fanfic, but the writing seemed quite good to me; and had no problem with the description of the drunken/drugged up youths. Los Angeles has a nearly half Hispanic population -- and Chicano is the accepted term for someone born in the US, with Mexican parents.

For those interested in an excerpt from "Dear Miss Landau," Chaplin Books has posted it in their digital newsletter.
tayriley, I have asked you to capitalise your sentences before as per the rules, consider this your final warning.
It made sense to me. What all the hubble about?
How can I buy this? :D
I bought a copy for my iPad; I believe it is also available in paper via Amazon.

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