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August 26 2012

Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney - round one. It's Mal and Simon vs Spike and Angel in one bracket with Thor and Loki facing off against Steve and Tony in another.

Sorry guys...

Angel and Spike and Thor and Loki are my two fav slashy relationships for me...

So there's no contest here! :P hahaha.
Thorki, FTW.

Has anyone seen any of the gorgeous Thorki art over on deviantArt? Breathtaking. Especially this one artist - Yanagoya. His stuff was one of the main reasons I fell for this pairing.
Brb, heading over to deviantArt to look up Yanagoya!!!
Love Angel and Spike as much as you, but come on! Thor will break them to little pieces.

Can't challenge a God and live.
Well it's a good thing Thor and Loki aren't against Angel and Spike @MadHatter! ;)
Hahaha this might possibly be the best post on Whedonesque.

Thorki and Spangel :D
Are you kidding? I cut my teeth on Mal/Simon! Plus their LJ comm has the best name (The Pretty Fits). As far as The Avengers go, Tony and Steve are just too adorable together... 'Thorki'? Really?
@UnderTheDark, what's wrong with Thorki? Haha
Haha, you think even two minor gods can beat an Angel of the Lord who pulled his love from perdition? Destiel for the win followed closely by Spangel.

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@Madhatter, one should note that both Spike and Angel have challenged gods (Glory and Jasmine, respectively) and lived.
I've got to go with Mal & Simon. One of the funniest things I've ever seen was a slashy music video mashup of a Mal/Simon/Jayne love triangle with Jayne as the jilted third wheel. Firefly has never been the same for me since.
It is true that Mal would shoot first, but unfortunately the bullets wouldn't even slow Angel and Spike down (of course kicking them through the engine probably would....).

I am enjoying the other pairings a lot... I can't believe that DoctorWho/CaptainJack vs NCIS isn't 100% instead of only 74.91!

My favorite pairing is Troy and Abed.... And I'm relieved that Xmen First Class is beating the pants off of Twilight.
Thorki! Funny name.

What's the name for Mal/Simon? Is there one?

Madhatter, one should note that both Spike and Angel have challenged gods (Glory and Jasmine, respectively) and lived.

I stand corrected. Thank you.
Honestly I was expecting DrWho/TheMaster instead of Captain Jack
Tony and Steve? Should be Tony and Bruce surely.
Yes, Tony/Bruce and Doctor/Master seem like fairly major omissions to me. That said... this made me grin a lot. :)
It's Angel/Spike and Tony/Steve all the way for me, baby.

Destiel!! My favorite hands down!
Not a Whedon show but still my favorite!
Had to go for the Spangel. I love that they have Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski in there, because that is awesome (they even tweaked that ship on the show a bit). Props for the original slash couple Kirk/Spock as well.

embers - I don't think we have to worry about the Twilight pairing at all. I wouldn't be suprised to see the twihards going over there to vote against it!

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