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August 26 2012

Hobbyist builds working S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. Might be slightly tenuous for the front page, but I couldn't resist.

That is so cool! I try to get to the Maker Faire every year where you can see incredible fully functional remote control replicas of classic military aircraft and battleships having actual battles in a big pond. It would be so awesome to see people start bringing RC versions of imaginary ships/planes like this one and other classic sci-fi ships.
The helicarrier's design makes it perfectly adaptable for those quadrotors.

And is that "67" on it in the movie? That would imply that there had been 66 helicarriers before it...
Yeah, ManEnoughToAdmitIt...the Helicarrier carried the hull number "67" in the film...which I'm pretty doesn't happen with standard water-only aircraft carriers. They have hull numbers (CVN-xx) but I've never seen one painted on a USN or RN carrier before. Maybe an in-joke about how many different versions have existed in Marvel comics vis-a-vis different interpretations done by various artists?

And I gotta wonder...does the Helicarrier have a name? I've never seen it mentioned in print or via any of the animated series, but I guess SHIELD just has the one. However, the MCU version from The Avengers looked like a USN vessel until it deployed its rotors.
I'm absolutely a non-expert, but I was just on an aircraft carrier last week and it had a white two digit number painted on the "island" (the part that sticks up from the main deck containing the tower, bridge, navigation, etc...) just as the 67 is on the helicarrier in Avengers. From my understanding that is indeed the hull number.

A quick google search shows that 67 was already in use by the Navy for the John F Kennedy aircraft carrier. However, it also shows that the Navy doesn't always go in order (they have a 773). And SHIELD is not the Navy. It's fair then, to assume SHIELD has it's own serial numbers, and that they may skip numbers as well. In fact, there's room to argue the helicarrier in the movie is the first of it's kind, but is the 67th hull total for SHIELD ships.

Or, it could simply have the number to masquerade as a Navy ship when it is in the water.

I'm here to serve all your future TV/Movie over-rationilization needs if desired. :)

Also, this dude's model is awesome!
Well...maybe the Helicarrier is a massive-refit version of U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, since it's CVN-67. Must have been drydocked for a dog's age though...all that work had to have taken quite a bit of time!


I imagine the '67' is just camouflage but I can't imagine any version of the United States Navy being thrilled with a non-USN vessel running around with Kennedy's ID number...
Well, if that's what it looks like in the film, it's a definite tie-in.

To my mind, the original version from 196? seemed more likely to be able to take off and hover - whether it could go anywhere not so sureskis.
Who said this wasn't front page material? Mind you it wouldn't be out of place on /., either, but still: very cool. My sons want one. :-)
Could be that the 67 stands for the number of design revisions it took to get the thing to work. :}

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