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August 27 2012

"The setting itself is a character": 17 fictional TV towns with personality. Our favorite Hellmouth makes this list of fictional television show settings.

"For some reason, Sunnydale property values have never been competitive..."
Was expecting Bon Temps, but maybe I missed it, or maybe other people noticed the Southern charm of the setting was abandoned by season 2.
Haplin from the short-lived "Happy Town" (co-starring our beloved Amy Acker) had some real potential to be such a setting.
There's another one in Cleveland.
I thought about Rome, Wisconsin (Picket Fences) but that would have been a perfectly normal place if you could get a large portion of the flakes to move out.

Not familiar with most of these shows but a one-paragraph summary of shows that ran for years has to be superficial, I guess.

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