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August 27 2012

Sleepwalk With Me beats The Avengers at the box office! Ira Glass engages in some gloating over a significant victory in per-screen average this weekend.

"Thus we have done what Loki could not. We beat The Avengers."
That movie looks pretty good. But maybe not enough explosions.
For an indie film, that is one heck of an amazing opening weekend at a single screen. I don't know that it will maintain that momentum next weekend, but I really hope it does. I've loved the way Birbiglia and Glass have promoted the film.
I love it. This is just fun.
Loving the joyful promotion of this.
Okay, this is funny. I'd never even heard of this movie, but now I kinda want to see it! =)

EDIT: ....And now I watched the trailer and I definitely want to see it. It looks super cute! Plus it beat the Avengers.

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