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August 27 2012

Julie Benz interested in playing The Wasp in The Avengers 2. Thoughts?

This is acceptable.
You had me at Julie Benz.
I love Julie Benz, but I'm worried she doesn't have enough film status to be one of the core heroes. I love her and I'd love to see her play that role, she's more than capable, I'm just speaking from the perspective of the studio.
Wasn't prepared for how offensive that site was going to be. I'm also sure those were the only acceptable pictures available for Julie and Olivia. A world of ick.
She might have had me until the admission that she doesn't know anything about the character. The Wasp is going to be a hard character to pull off and make 'real' enough to fit in the with MCU. The character will also likely originate in the Ant-man movie, which means it will be slightly less Whedon guided than it'd be in Avengers II. Regardless, this is one of the most emotionally demanding roles in the MCU. Abused, flitting from one man to another, ridiculous powers (shrinking, wings and bio-blasts) - it'll take a very talented actress to carry this character without it seeming like a joke. Rachel Bilson and Emma Stone come to mind as candidates to me...
@jgsugden, wasn't Emma Stone in Spiderman? That might end up being canonically confusing. But maybe it wouldn't matter if Spiderman isn't in Avengers 2.

Like Julie, I don't know anything about the Wasp. What's the Wasp's deal? Abused and flitting from one man to another sounds a bit like Faith, could Eliza Dushku pull it off?
I was at her panel. "Do you want to play the Wasp?" "Sure. Who's the Wasp?" She would work with Joss if he asked, is all.
Eh...I like Julie Benz but from the roles I've seen her in (mainly Darla and her character on Dexter) have left an impression that makes it hard to see her as a Cordelia (rich bitch socialite fashion designer to superheroine) kind of character, which is how I have perceived the Wasp.

I could be wrong and I will happily stand corrected but I would pick Charisma or Summer or Amy over Julie from the Whedonverse leading ladies. Oh, and Eliza wouldn't be bad as well ;P
@jgsugden: I doubt that is the direction they will go with the character. (Or if they do, I think it would be a poor decision.) It would make more sense to have the Wasp be like the '80s Roger Stern version: a flighty personality masking a bright mind. (Kinda like Buffy.) She would be closer to a female version of Tony Stark, but as an heiress rather than an inventor.

The Hank Pym (aka abuse) character had years of physical and mental strain before he snapped. To do it right off the bat would make him irredeemable. To make a metaphor, it would be like Wesley turning dark in the middle of Season 1 Angel (superficial) rather than after the events of Seasons 2 and 3 (earned & powerful).
I love the Wasp and I haven't come up with my dreamcast yet, but I think Summer would be more appropriate. I can't wait for the Ant-Man movie!
Julie is not who I would have thought of for the Wasp, but I am never opposed to Julie Benz in any capacity. I also like Olivia Munn and would not be opposed to her. For now I am just excited to see how the new (but not really new) characters will be portrayed in the upcoming Marvel movies. And I want more of Joss's people playing awesome roles (for which the Wasp would qualify). Avengers 2 out yet?
When I think of Julie I always hear her saying "You want details, Lindsey? Is that what you want?" Best line delivery ever. Also Rambo.
I like certain actors in certain roles but have not enjoyed them in other things. I liked Julie Benz as Darla and Rita on Dexter, but I didn't like her ABC superhero show and she just doesn't draw me to her projects. Obviously I'll see Avengers 2 regardless but I'm not sure she can hold her own in an ensemble cast of comic book movie veterans and huge movie stars.

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I still find it amusing that an offhand remark in a panel about her fans tweeting what a fan asked is making news. :)
I'd rather see the Scarlet Witch in an Avengers' movie than the Wasp, but that's just me. I always sympathized more with poor Wanda than Janet.
I'd rather see the Scarlet Witch in an Avengers' movie than the Wasp, but that's just me. I always sympathized more with poor Wanda than Janet.
Meh. It doesn't sound like there's any actual discussion about this, just an offhand remark taken slightly out of context.

Personally I think Morena Baccarin would make a fantastic Janet.
Morena would be great. However, I'm starting to get concerned that A2 might end up with too many characters to keep track of - like the X-Men movies. Joss did a great job with the number of characters in the first movie and I hope that Marvel will keep about the same number in the sequel.
I've changed the link to the original source so people can see the remark in context.
I fear The Avengers 2.
Was the original link Just curious.
It would be nice to have more women heroes. They could drop The Hulk or something.
No, don't drop the Hulk! Joss actually made good use of him, something that the movies haven't really done yet. The Hulk also gave us the best line in the movie!

Also, Tony needs his BFF now too.
For the wasp, I like Mila Kunis. Bit of a bad girl with issues, and spoiled, but very loveable. Morena and Emma Stone would also be acceptable.

More importantly though, who should play Scarlet Witch?

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