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August 28 2012

Legal issues engulf 'Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One Collector's Set'. If you're looking forward to getting the briefcase collection of Marvel's movies then prepare to be a bit miffed.

Well, that certainly seems like something they should probably have thought of.
Seems like a easy I-can't-believe-no-one-thought-of-it-but-I-guess-it's-understandable mistake.

I hope this means prices drop a bit, unless they can come up with something equally cool. I guess simply making a different briefcase?
Well, I just canceled my order.

Not gonna have this on preorder unless I know what I'm getting. "The movies are exclusively packaged in this cool, red plastic folder with an Avengers-sticker on it!"
If I have to wait any longer for this just because they messed up.... I'm gonna be so mad...
Yeah, I just saw this yesterday when I went to place my preorder. Amazon doesn't even let you place the order now... whoopsie!
NOOOOOO!! I never order stuff like this and the one time I do this happens. I hope they get it worked out in time.
I'm guessing Marvel's gonna pay through the nose for it. Eesh. Very surprised nobody thought of this! Seems like the kind of thing a legal department would have caught right away.
Personally? While I understand Rimova has IP to protect, I personally wouldn't be able to recognize a Rimova briefcase from a Samsonite one from another high-end baggage manufacturer's product. And I certainly wouldn't assume the "case" was a real Rimova Topas briefcase or think of trying to use it as one or tell people it is.

I guess this will give General Motors grounds to sue whatever studio has the rights to The A-Team (original series), since the collector's edition of the entire series on DVD is shaped like B.A. Baracus' GM van from the series and we can't have people thinking they can get a several thousand dollar vehicle for peanuts!


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I pre ordered this for the movies I couldnt give a fuck if the discs all came in a Manila envelope

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