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August 28 2012

Flavorwire asks where is Jenny Calendar now? Flavorwire's Judy Berman takes a look at the careers of ten actors who played memorable teachers on 90s TV shows, and features a look at what happened to Sunnydale High's own Robia LaMorte.

That's an interesting twist. Well great for her if that's what gives her te most fullfilment, I'd say!
When is that picture from? Because I think some techno-pagan anti-aging spells is what she's been up to.
I've seen the shot before in a previous article about where certain actors/actresses are right now, so it's not new but I can't say it's more than 5 years old IMO.
I had NO clue she danced with Prince and I loved/lived the 'Pearls' era! I'm glad she found the Lord, as a fellow believer it makes me happy. I love this fandom for being inclusive of all faiths and persuasions!
I knew a lot of the basics (agreed, Jonnathan) but I didn't realize she'd made such a complete career change. (Oh, well, I think Steven Hill was a rabbi for about 20 years after Mission Impossible and before Law and Order so who knows what'll happen?)
Whaat I don't understand is how she denied to play again the role o First Evil (Devil), in season 7, for her "religious convictions", but didn't changed her name "The Red Death".
Why should she change her real name?
her name "The Red Death".

Not sure what language you're going to to get "Red" from "Robia."
First, my deep apologises, friends, for just answering now (If my lack of Internet in the hollidays can excuse me thanks).
Now, to the matter:
Not sure what language you're going to to get "Red" from "Robia."

To be honest, I made a typo mistake, since the right italian word is "Robbia", but the prununciation is the same, however, in eslovenian it means "To do".
And, i'm not saying she is oblied to to change her name, DaddyCatALSO, but that it doesn't makes sense, to me, someone refusing to just play a ficticious role of "evil" and still using an "evil" name.

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