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August 28 2012

Watch the beginning of the alternate opening to 'The Avengers'. You can find the full scene on the Blu-ray along with the alternate ending.

I like it personally, adds mystery as to what is to come.
I like it. Very nicely misleading.
What I like about this and the Banner deleted scene is that their inclusion doesn't alter the narrative. Rather than thinking of it as something previously left out, it's more like something now being added. They should be called bonus scenes!
I like it...but Cobie's Maria Hill feels different in this scene compared to the main portion. I mean yeah, after-action debriefing and all the crazy is sinking in...but I dunno. Agent Hill seems a lot less unflappable here and all the comics I've seen with her in it make her extremely iron-willed, especially since her eventual command SWORD is basically targeted directly at stuff like a Chitauri invasion.
Well, you're only seeing the beginning of the alt. opening, and none of the alt. closing.
There's a lot of chatter about "dark" this opening is compared to the actual movie. But it fits in quite well as The Avengers was really dark in places more so than I could have imagined.
Yeah, I've noticed the general attitude that the Avengers was a light, fluffy film myself, Simon. But all I remember of that film is "mewling quim" (and the tone that followed accordingly).

Not to say there wasn't big fun, but I think it's a much darker film than public opinion has given it credit for.
I like it, too. Can't wait to see all these deleted scenes, but this one in particular hits a lot of comics-verse notes on the darker side of superheroics.
That's true, b! certainly cut off at an awkward moment, so it could work much better at full length. As I said, I like it and Cobie's getting more face time...just need to see more to better understand what seems to be an odd tone for the Maria Hill character compared to the parts we're already familiar with.

And re: The Avengers being "fluffy"? I think it's a result of nearly everyone being all "Ooooh!" over Nolan's Batman films because everything's "real" and gritty and psychological, while stuff like the Spiderman films and The Avengers is considered mere popcorn flicks because there's obvious humour and no one is giving a serious psychoanalysis of Loki - sorry Bruce, "bag of cats" is apt but not something from the DSM IV - or trying to make the heroes into "realistic" characters by bathing in their neuroses like you tend to get with Batman.
For some reason, it reminds me of another opening scene/flashback...
Egg Shen: "You leave Jack Burton alone! We are in his debt! He showed great courage."
That would have been an interesting opening. I think it would have changed the tone of the movie. I remember a review that thought the nuke wasn't given proper weight. I think that opening might have made that less of a case. Heck, after seeing that opening, I might think that the nuke actually WAS going to go off.
OneTeV - It took me a while to figure that one out.

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This is sooo much better than what was seen in cinema's. I'm just saying.
Wow, I love this: it adds depth and a sense of 'otherness' from the Superheroes (not so much 'we are all a team', but that there are these alien/uncontrollable beings we've brought in to fight these other aliens, and humans are going to get caught in the middle). I enjoyed Avengers, but I would have liked to have seen it with this opening.
ok who else jumped when that Hulk scream appeared?
Dark? You guys cray? This is rubbish! Who wants to listen to some (at that point) random woman no one cares about drivel on and on - get on with the film!

Personally I love the ominous tesseract voice-overy Alan Silvestri opening.
I've seen all of the deleted scenes from the Blu-ray, and am going to be in the minority and say while it's great to see them, the Maria Hill wraparound (before and after most of the movie) wasn't necessary. Ditto for the previously-linked Bruce Banner/security guard monologue and other deleted scenes (e.g. Hawkeye/Loki, Captain America's reintroduction into society). While fascinating, they either don't fit the movie's overall tone (Maria Hill), or slow down the pace of the movie altogether (the aforementioned Banner, Hawkeye, Captain America scenes). Don't get me wrong, sometimes additional footage works in a director's cut (Terminator 2), but other times it doesn't -- a great example is the Aliens director's cut where the LV-426 colonists are first introduced.
ok who else jumped when that Hulk scream appeared?!

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Yeah, count me among those who think that so far the theatrical cut is looking like the "right" cut. Not that I think this scene is dreck or anything, but I find the 9/11 evocation of the opening too on the nose and I don't think this is the actress's best work (I'm reading more petulance than strong disagreements over tactics between two professionals--which would seem to be what was wanted). I can see why one would be drawn to the retrospective opening with a mislead suggesting that things will go horribly wrong (although it's a bit of a cliche in the action film genre--but I think Agent Hill wasn't the right person to voice these thoughts. Having some random member of the SHIELD council grousing about Fury ignoring their direct commands would make more sense to me.
just need to see more to better understand what seems to be an odd tone for the Maria Hill character compared to the parts we're already familiar with.

While in fairness this does conflict with what we see in the film of Agent Hill, it's actually very much in line with her character in the comics. Hill was written as a character that was not afraid to take stances that were at odds with Fury or the rest of the Avengers. So it might be possible that this scene was written to reflect the character as she is in the comics. I'm interested to see what the rest of the opening will show (if anything) about her character.
You've kinda taken my words out of context, deepgirl187....but that's OK! My context may have been muddled!


What I meant by needing to see more to better understand the alt. opening in full (plus the closing if/when made available) is that the times we got Agent Hill scenes in The Avengers showed a version very similar to the character from the comics - dedicated, by-the-book, unafraid to challenge Fury's motives and actions if she feels he's taking the wrong path - but she's very much a contained character emotionally, even during the firefight against Loki's troops on the Helicarrier. The debriefing clip - IMO - has her more emotionally open and acting rather twitchy, but the whole issue of the Chitauri attack on New York City and the near nuclear annihilation of said metropolis has of course just happened a short while ago.

I guess putting it another way...Maria = Zoe, for me. She's highly trained, she's by-the-book and she's definitely not in possession of a fear of getting up in her CO's face if she thinks he's thinking something nuts. However, with Zoe, we got a look at both that and her "wifey" side via all the scenes with Wash; now, I'm not saying that Maria Hill needs to be put in a relationship to soften her for palatability purposes, BUT it's personally a tad bit jarring to have disparate elements without a bit more meat on the dramatic bones to bridge the two versions of Hill with smaller moments where more of why she's driven and staid in personality or her moments of throwing shit at walls in private over how frustrating Fury must be to work for at times gets shown.

And that's a good thing! There's lots more to explore with the characters than what we got and I'm sure Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2 will cover Tony, Thor and Steve's post-invasion character arcs...but how much of that will have SHIELD biggies tossing in their $0.02 into the mix for further fleshing their own arcs out?

BUT it's personally a tad bit jarring to have disparate elements without a bit more meat on the dramatic bones to bridge the two versions of Hill

Yeah, that's my take, too. Everywhere else in the film she seems a cool, calm, collected pro. I'm not worried that she's disagreeing with Fury (although to earn this opening you'd also need to have some explicit moments later where she openly disagrees with Fury during the course of the film--otherwise it makes it look like she is too cowardly to say to his face what she'll say to his bosses), I'm worried that she seems so edgy and emotional about it. After all, they have just won the day at this point, and the nuke didn't go off in NYC. I can see her saying "frankly, I had my doubts all along about Agent Fury's plan, as he well knows" but I don't see her in this kinda trembly, shrill, panicky mode.
Again, I have to say it was wise to cut this out of the movie. It's not a terrible scene on its own, but it doesn't really fit the narrative that well.
It's a very Joss scene, and I'm glad to see it, but I think he made the right call.
So there was a reason why that generic (though prettier-than-most!) bridge person had a name in the film!

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