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August 28 2012

The first episode of the BAMF Girls Club. Michonne, Hermione, Katniss, Lisbeth, Buffy and Bella go on a reality show and live in a house together. There's a trailer as well.

I don't want to watch it because reality has to disappoint after reading this description.
"The phones are smaller'!
That was actually very good.
I thought it was great, I'm tuning in for the next episode.
Ok that's actually better than I was imagining. Oh no Jacob.
That was a great line @sunfire

oh that was fun! And we have TallBuffy which worked in a YouTubey way.

I think my favorite right now is Katniss.
So great! "The cellphones are smaller"! Also Hermione's obliviate :D
I thoroughly enjoyed that... Accio slayer tools!
Actually the only problem with this video is now apparently I'm addicted to that whole damn YouTube channel... I mean how can you get tired of BSG pick-up lines =D
LOL, that was fun. I only know Buffy, Hermione, and Bella(from parody videos only--never saw Twilight anything) but it was good.
That was cute. I'd definitely be down for another episode.

I thought whiny Bella was the funniest.

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