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August 28 2012

Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen to bring S.H.I.E.L.D. to TV. "S.H.I.E.L.D. will be written by Whedon, his brother Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. Joss Whedon also is set to direct the pilot, schedule permitting. Production on the pilot, which marks the first live-action Marvel TV project to get a green light, will start immediately." ETA: More from Variety.


I was already super excited for Joss to be working on TV again, but to have Jed and Mo working on the show too makes me even MORE excited. Such amazing news.
Nice. I'm guessing Jed and Maurissa will be the day-to-day showrunners?
Awesome. Even more excited to know J-Mo are in, too.

I'm just sad Cobie isn't available yet.
I am so happy! A new network, a wealth of material they can use to forge something new. Casting will be so exciting! :D
OMG my head just exploded.
I will spend all evening casting this on twitter. It will not be all whedonverse alumni because I find that annoying.
Nathan Fillion playing everyone is annoying? Have you considered his Maria Hill?
Great news! Love that Jed and Mo will also be writing & involved, as well as Jeffrey Bell and Jeph Loeb. Can't wait for this one!
Nathan can only play the female roles.

Can everyone from all the Marvel films make cameos? And can Nick Fury and Agent Hill be the leads? Please please please

And that is all of my thoughts.

I hope Enver gets cast somehow.
He's back!!!! I'm psyched Jed and Maurissa are involved. C'est horrible!
I am unbelievably excited!
In seriousness, this is excellent news. It's really great to see Jed and Maurissa will be heavily involved in this from the beginning.
Yessssss big excitement!!!

Agreed on Enver! A young NYPD cop turned SHIELD Agent after the horrific attack in NYC hehe.
I doubt that Jed and Maurissa are running the show. But they will be writers. My guess? Tim Minear may be getting a phone call soon.
In that case, I look forward to the four episodes that make it to air, ninja report. (just kidding; I think AHS broke the curse)
Amazing news. I can't wait!
Haha, Jobo, so true. But what a glorious four episodes they will be.
Didn't Jeffrey Bell showrun Angel? I'm guessing that'll be his job, as much as I'd love Tim being involved, too.
Bringing in Jeffrey Bell again too! He's getting the band back together!!! <3
This sounds amazing!!! Jed and Mo are going to do a great job :D

When it will be premiered? I don't think it'll be very soon, isn't? I'm saying this because we don't know if How I Met Your Mother will continue after Season 8, so if S.H.I.E.L.D is scheduled for next season, Cobie might be available.

The first time I watched the Avengers I thought: "OMG I need a tv show created by Joss, with Cobie in the leading role!!" THANK YOU GOD (and by God I mean Joss).
With this seemingly on the fast track, I hope we'll see casting soon. Should be interesting how to juggle the established actors, sets, effects, and storylines on a TV budget. Maybe said budget is huge, though.
Iriel, it definitely will not be very soon. I think the earliest would likely be next fall, considering the amount of work involved and ABC will want to debut such a high profile show in the fall during prime television season.
There is no way this is not going to be awesome. World, Joss is your master now, please have several seats and deal.
HELL YEAH. Please please please hire Alexis Denisof! OMG I can't wait for this!
But they're starting production on the pilot immediately, so at the very least she wouldn't be in that. Besides, this is much earlier than when they would normally film pilots for fall launches. They only have a limited window of opportunity before Joss has to concentrate on Avengers 2, so I wouldn't be surprised if they fast-tracked it for spring.
Do you guys think it makes sense to take actors directly from the film and transplant them into the TV series or is it a better idea to start with a brand new cast? Either way, I hope we see some Buffy alums!
This was the best choice of all the likely properties in my opinion. I would bet it will be ensemble in the best Whedony* tradition. I will also bet that most of the cast will be new,
but that old friends will drop by from time to time in new and delightfully unexpected ways.

Finally agree with Ninja Report on his staffing calls. While it may not be Tim this time, it will be someone of his weight and familiarity. It kind of depends on the tone of the show
I guess.

*That is in the Dictionary now isn't it?
Happy dancing on the inside!
Wow, that was FAST! HUGE news!!! I was ambivalent about the Marvel deal before, but now I'm officially excited!
Well, S.H.I.E.L.D. in the movie only extended as far as Nick Fury and Maria Hill, so I think new characters are in order. I doubt Joss will want to recast Nick Fury for the show as the entire Avengers/S.H.I.E.L.D. movie brand does take precedence and you wouldn't want the show to interfere with the way audiences react to the movie version of Nick Fury. Given that they're starting immediately on developing, production, etc. I doubt it's possible to even discuss Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role. He's doing many other projects.
YES!!! A tinge of Whedon on the show >:D
I'm sure this is for Fall 2013. Pilot will probably be shot Jan-March timeframe like most pilots. Tim Minear is currently under contract to TCFTV and this is ABC Studios/Marvel TV.
This is great news.Will be intersting to see what cameos they'll get.Sam Jackson maybe in the pilot?I'm also curious about Maria Hill.Cobie Smulders still has another season of How I Met Your Mother does she not?.

Jeffrey Bell worked on Angel and was showrunner during season 5.He co-wrote Not Fade Away with Joss.

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I really hope they'll cast some actors from 'Fringe'. The show is ending soon and i really wanna see Anna Torv or any of the others in a Whedon show.
Amazing news!!!!!!!
@ the ninja report: Tim Minear is working on "American Horror Story" now, so I don't know if he'll be available to work on SHIELD (at least for the first season). Unless he's a freelancer like Jane Espenson and Marti Noxon, then he can write a couple of episodes for both shows.

Otherwise, this is spectacular news. I'm sorta amazed a Whedon show came together quickly for a change, but then a $1B movie can open up millions of doors.
Isn't casting for tv pilots usually in the Spring?
I just blew up with that Anna Torv comment. Yes and yes. Please.

Can't wait for next Fall now.
HIMYM is renewed through this upcoming season starting this fall (Season 8). It is likely to be renewed for another year after that but not a done deal. Cobie should probably ask them for all the money if it is renewed for a 9th season.
This is fantastic news! Can't wait to see the E.N.S.E.M.B.L.E.
Haha, nice, Pointy!
I will become more excited but I frankly was more interested in other potential projects. Still, this will be excellent I'm sure.

I can't imagine that Samuel L. Jackson won't be involved. You have to remember that he is a comic book fanatic. He allowed his image to be used for Nick Fury in the Ultimates reboot before there was talk of an Avengers film. In fact, there is a scene where the Ultimates (that version of the Avengers) are talking about who would play them in movies, and Nick Fury says that of course Samuel L. Jackson would play him.

Do I think Samuel L. Jackson will be on the show fulltime? No, but I do expect him to be a recurring character. Heck, we might even get Robert Downey Jr or any of the other characters.

We could even see some X-Men and such, since the comics have a ton of cross overs with S.H.I.E.L.D. In fact, I was just rereading the first Ultimate X-Men Ultimate Collection volume and S.H.I.E.L.D. plays a fairly major role in it.

My understanding is that Marvel/Disney holds all of the television rights to all of their characters. There might be an exception or two to that, but I think they have pretty much carte blanche to introduce any of their characters on the show. We could see a character going to trial and maybe their lawyer would be Matt Murdock. Bruce Banner might guest as a character. In fact, I would be astonished if nearly all of the characters who have appeared in the movies under the Marvel banner didn't appear.

This could get off the ground rather quickly. The movie could pretty much serve as a blueprint. The CGI software that was used for the helicarrier could be used for the TV show. Perhaps a simplified, cheaper version of the software, but I'd bet a rough approximation.

And thank god Jed and Mo are off that awful Spartacus show. Lord I hated that. Officially on my list of the worst shows I've ever seen.

I wonder if Brian K. Vaughan will be recruited as a writer. He and Whedon are good friends and he has some major ties to the Marvel universe (The Runaways, but he also wrote the X-Men). His comic book cred is much higher than Jeph Loeb's is at this point (Loeb was so good way back when he was doing all that great Batman; he has never done as well since working on HEROES), and he has significant TV writing experience. But maybe this will be his resurrection as a writer.
OMG it's finally not FOX ! Awesomesauce.
I loved Spartacus, although I still haven't seen Vengeance.
I have no words.
Jed and Maurissa are the show runners. They also wrote some of the S.H.I.E.L.D. scenes in The Avengers.

Also, how awesome is this? Very.
His comic book cred is much higher than Jeph Loeb's is at this point (Loeb was so good way back when he was doing all that great Batman; he has never done as well since working on HEROES), and he has significant TV writing experience. But maybe this will be his resurrection as a writer.

Jeph Loeb is the head of Marvel TV. His name is on everything Marvel does on tv. I doubt he will be actually be on the writing staff. At least on a permanent type basis.
Awwww yeah....this is Fort Knox gold-supply level awesome! Cannot wait to see what kind of craziness Team Whedon can come up with!
That's great that he's working with Jeffrey Bell again. Glad Jed and Mo are back in the mix also! Will be interesting to see how this ties in with Avengers round 2.
I'm guessing Samuel Jackson will find the time to make 3 or 4 guest appearances per season. Same for Cobie Smulders, with the possibility for a lot more after HIMYM ends.

I could also see the other "big guns" from the movies occasionally dropping in for the odd appearance during sweeps time.

But I'm sure the main characters will be Joss originals... which will be a very good thing.
So excited to see Joss working on TV again!
I am extremely excited about this! I was afraid that this show would prevent Joss from being able to work on other things, but really w/JMo running the show we know that Joss will have people he can trust to really bring it (so he won't have to be rewriting all the time). I really think this will be a lot of fun.
So many conflicting feels!
I hate most Marvel, with an exception of an undying love for X-Factor (the comic not the show). Not a huge fan of ABC. I worked for Disney for a time myself and while I didn't exactly buy in I did drink some of the Kool-Aid, which is to say, they usually know their shit. But they usually have bad TV.
So I'm hoping that Whedon really brings it and hoping that Marvel and Disney/ABC let's him be his full on creative badass self. And as awesome as it is to see him play in this sandbox, I really am looking to the day when he gets back to creator owned content.
I love you Joss, I hope you have fun and amaze us.
Holy crap!

I don't think I can make any other comment at this time!

Except, maybe, WOOHOO!
I am making it my life's mission to get hired onto this project. I'll be calling in every favor I can, and then some.
WOHOOO was my reaction too. This is so awesome. Even more happy now that Jed and Mo are involved. The casting for this will be huge. I doubt there will be a bigger pilot for next year than this.
Theres no way this isnt gonna do huge ratings. For the first few eps anyways. Also Im gonna need Adam Baldwin in this. He looks very Shield like. I want all the Whedon alums in this!!! - Numfar is doing the dance of joy cause the same team who brought us Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible, is now doing a Marvel show. AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD.

I’m hoping for some Whedonverse alumni popping up. Maybe cop Enver Gjokaj.
OK... this is officially too awesome for words. I cannot wait!
I think of the amazing actors Joss found for Dollhouse and hope that he uses no one from his previous shows. That's right. Not even Summer. Give us all new brilliant actors, Joss and JMo. We know you can find them.
Been roving the web for interesting gossip and came across a very simple show setup idea that I quite like: Have be S*H*I*E*L*D's latest recruit and just take it from there.
Holy goodness! What alternate reality have I woken up in?!
brinderwalt, blind speculation for a pilot that isn't written or cast yet isn't a spoiler.
Variety reports Joss as saying SHIELD will be largely autonomous from Avengers 2.
By the way, there is a 10 minute short on the Avengers Blu-Ray following SHIELD trying to recover something from The Avengers NYC attack. It has Lizzy Caplan, who is my TV girlfriend.

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Your TV girlfriend would be perfect for the show, gossi. With Lee Pace and Mark Valley and as stated by others, Anna Torv and Colin Ferguson. :)
To infinity.... and beyond!!

Woo! Awesome! :)
Yes, I thought Colin would be a perfect addition - we need to get our now unemployed great actors new jobs!

Mark Valley and Colin Ferguson in the same room could be very interesting. If that's already happened, someone tell me where/when and give me a link.
New category! Fan casting! Whedon show! I missed this!
Just woke up.....YAAAAAAY! Now I'm awake!

brinderwalt, blind speculation for a pilot that isn't written or cast yet isn't a spoiler.

While technically you may be right, pretending it is a spoiler just makes it more fun!

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*.* Wow, another Joss Whedon show. I was so sure it would be a long time before we'd see this day. At first I figured he was only going to be a consultant but he's getting super involved :D. I don't know how he'll handle this and the movie :S. But he's really good at delegating. I just hope Marvel gives him a great deal of control over the casting because he's got an amazing track record.
Marvel, ABC and Disney have basically bet their quarterly earnings for the next 3 years on Joss delivering creatively, so I'm pretty sure he has a good degree of creative control here.

I mean, Marvel's first ever TV show has Joss delivering the pilot and the team running it. Marvel know their shit, oh so clearly.
If it helps, luciddreams, Cynthia Littleton of Variety tweeted some more about how it will work.
Oh man, this is exciting! I was pretty 'meh' about the potential TV show before, but this sounds cool as hell, especially with the awesome writers/people JMo on board.

Fan casting! If we're gonna be bringing in Fringe and Eureka actors I'd also vote for Jasika Nicole and Erica Cerra, though I'm guessing at least some of these guys will be sick of playing members of weird government branches. I'm also still pretty keen to see Kristen Bell in a Whedon project, though presumably she'll be busy on House of Lies, alas.

Oh! Natalie Morales (from 'Middleman') would be pretty excellent too. I mean if she could handle the dialogue on that show, she can handle anything the Whedons care to throw at her.

Aaaaand I'll stop now. That's enough for a first post.
Anybody thinking it's time for the return of Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson? :) And it's ABC, so Rick Castle could visit to research a novel on S.H.I.E.L.D. :)
I am super excited about this, but that excitement is elevated to dangerous levels knowing Jed and Mo are involved. I still think they consistently wrote the best Dollhouse episodes, so this is great news.
oooh! Natalie Morales! Good call, bailey. And Jasika Nicole, of course. Love her so much.
Yes, awesome news!!! I'll be grinning like an idiot for the rest of the day thinking about this :P
I can't wait to see this! I've never followed The Avengers growing up (I wasn't allowed to get comics), so this is all new to me. It's a fun world though, and I know I'm going to see it done well!
I didn't even realise how much I missed having a Joss show on TV until right now. So so so excited!!! Good luck Joss, we're all barracking for you!
Squee squared! Can't wait for the casting to start!
Excellent news! Can't wait to see what alums will be popping up. Felicia? Enver? Amy? Alexis? Aaah, going to be madness over the next year on here. Also, wonder if we'll see a few more of the usual suspects on staff or just one-off episodes, i.e. Jane Espenson, David Fury, Tim Minear (as some have already suggested) etc.

Anyway, my excitement levels are through the roof, especially if it's going to introduce a few lesser-known heroes... Just imagine the squee worthy cameos that could happen in Avengers 2!
Variety says Jed and Mo are Firefly alums. Dollhouse, yes. Dr. Horrible, yes. Firefly, not so much.
Can we have Titus Welliver in the main cast? He's a SHIELD agent after all in Item 47.
Joss back on TV? Count me in, WHATEVER it is. I am ultra excited!!! Can't wait to find out more, concerning the casting etc. *wheeee*
It will be a change to see a "good" large scale multi-national organisation on a Joss show. Also be cool to see BKV writing for it.
There's so many people to choose from to have work on this show, and he's choose Jed and Maurissa? Really? Did we not learn from Dollhouse? Ugh! Well there's goes 99% of my interest in thie show.
buzzkill - Jed and Maurissa do share an Emmy with Joss after writing the songs and script on Dr. Horrible with him, and delivered a majority of what I suspect are widely regarded as the best episodes of Dollhouse. (And Dollhouse was a tough show to crack). Their Spartacus 'sodes were also great. And they worked on The Avengers.

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Like everyone I wonder if any of the currently known S.H.I.E.L.D. agents like Nick Fury, Maria Hill or even Black Widow or Hawkeye are going to show up. I imagine Agents Sitwell and Blake from the shorts are more likely to have a place on the cast.

The show could be an interesting way to introduce the audience to Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman).
I suspect they'll try to score someone from the movie for the pilot, but that they won't be in the regular cast.

Jessica Drew could be problematic, with what Spider-Rights Sony may or may not hold.
I am super exited about this. That is first of all I am super exited about a new Joss show. I'm super excited about Jed and Maurissa being a part of it. I am super excited about a live action Marvel show in general, I am a bit of Marvel geek since Joss got me started on Astonishing X-men almost ten years ago.

I am worried about two things. The first is what about Dr. Horrible. I fully support Joss taking his time and doing what he wants, but it sounded like Dr. Horrible was all set to start a new and now it seems he is jumping on this new project with fellow Horrible writers. And adding to that we get a twit from Dr. Horrible saying "We still want to revisit Dr. Horrible. Just so you know." Sure I'm glad that they want there to be more, and I knew that was never a certainty, but that twit does seem to suggest that they won't have time for it in the near future.
My second concern is with Shield. I read about four lists of "what could Joss's Marvel show be." Most did include Shield as a possibility, but it was one of those I was less excited about, even if it was the possibility that seemed the most logical. I was so hoping for Runaways, or Heroes for hire (though I never read it). It's just that it seems that Joss is at his best when writing about a group that is more friends then co-workers, a small banded together group that becomes a family. How can that happen with Shield? It's a huge organization.
But that concern is overshadowed by my happiness that Joss is coming back to television and my assurance in his ability to create great characters (some from the comics some his originally) with great actors portraying them and great stories.
I shall be watching this!:-)
Urkonn, being named after a huge organisation does not preclude the show from focusing on a small team of operatives who bond over life-endangering missions. Budget may even demand that, which seems all to the good.
SAVE S.H.I.E.L.D. !!

(someone had to do it ;) )
@urkonn, according to Cynthia Littleton's tweet from Sleepwalk With Me Q&A (which Joss moderated),
Joss swears folo to Dr Horrible is still in cards, hopes to be in prod'n within the year. They'll be "media agnostic" in how it's distibbed

I'd be disappointed if we have to wait too long for Wastelanders, though. But that's just me being greedy.
I wonder if the short SHIELD movie on the Avengers DVD extras is any hint of what to expect?
This is some exciting news to wake up to!!
I'd bet anything that Samuel jackson will make a cameo or two. They will likely keep him as a distant omnipresent force.

I don't think Downey will show up unless the series is a proven success.

Renner doesn't seem likely to show up at all.

Pretty sure all the other Avengers would show up if Joss asked.

And I bet a lot of secondary characters from Avengers are pleading on the phone with their agents at this very moment.

also, yay!
Come to think of it, Downey might be the easiest to get for a cameo--just have him record some lines and put a stunt guy in the Iron Man suit on set. (Which might be fun, in a Gotham Central sort of way. The series leads do all the legwork, investigating fighting and dying, and then this gloryhog comes in right at the end to blast the big bad and take all the credit.)
What fantastic news. {/understatement}

I'm hoping for some cameos from the Avengers Cast, a sprinkling of Whedon alums (Enver) and some undiscovered actors whom we all wonder how they aren't A-listers. We all know that Joss et al can really find the talent and deliver.
Awesome, just awesome. I truly do love Joss most on television (even if I did love both CitW and The Avengers to death). Also Jed & Mo are two of my favorite writers, really looking forward to seeing them run the show.

Here's hoping Tim, Drew, BKV and Jane get a call to pitch-in for an episode or so.

Mostly, though, I'm looking forward to the anticipation of a new Joss show. This is one great time for this fandom. Have there ever been this many projects up in the air with a high likelihood of reaching us? I mean, there's SHIELD, Avengers 2, Much Ado, DHSAB2, Wastelanders, second-idependent-movie-of-which-I-have-sadly-forgotten-the-name and then there's Joss' Buffy S9 work. All in all, not a bad haul at all. Not bad at all :).
I feel so impatient right now. I want this show to be on air NOW!
Very exciting possibilities of character and stories. I hope Joss can find a way to buy back Coulson's death. Coulson was/is a great character and might really work well on this show. Also Yay!
I'll bet Robert Downey would agree to do guest shots, although he'd probably be too expensive to have on more than once a year or so. His salary would certainly be justified by the ratings bump you'd get from having Tony Stark on your TV show.

I'm sure all the other stars would be happy to do guest appearances as well, schedule permitting.

Another interesting aspect of this TV show is that ABC/Disney/Marvel can bring in characters they can't use in their feature films because of rights issues. So if Joss wanted to have his true love Kitty Pryde show up, he could do it. In fact, since Joss also has a good long-term working relationship with 20th Century Fox (which is not the same as the Fox network), he might even be able to negotiate something that would ensure it was compatible with the X-Men film franchise.

I think Joss's big network of friends and associates among actors, writers, directors, and studio executives will be very useful for this show.

As for Dr. Horrible 2, I think scheduling will now be more of an issue for Jed and Maurissa than for Joss.
I'm increasing my stake in DIS today. Also I wonder if Disney will continue their hands off approach to Marvel's licensing of characters to Universal Studios theme parks. I think not, I bet Disney is working frantically to get the Avengers into their parks. From what I recall the contract with Universal Orlando was fairly long term, however I heard the one with Universal Hollywood had lapsed. But mostly I'm thinking Yay!
Tina Majorino!
gossi, Thanks, also Yay!
Colin Ferguson? Yes, please.
So many unanswered questions about this show.

What I want to know most is whether there will be Marvel universe superhero involvement. And if so, who? I'm guessing there won't be any Avengers, given Joss's comments. Nor will there be other superheroes that might get their own movie, since that could interfere with the potential film's continuity. That would be a significant limitation, since almost every significant marvel property has been considered for a film. So what is left?

Seems like it must have at least some superhero involvement, since it's in the Marvel universe. And if it's not superhero focused, what kinds of stories will they be? X-Files or Fringe type stories? That might be okay, but then why bother having it be a SHIELD show as opposed to some non-Marvel show?

I'm really, really excited. But I'm also really curious about all these sorts of unanswered questions.
YAY! It really is time for some more Joss on TV! The Avengers was awesome but I need my weekly dose of Whedon back.
Yvonne Strahovski as Ms. Marvel.
Agent Sitwell! I want to see Maximiliano Hernández as the tie-in to the movie 'verse. Shouldn't be too hard to pull off, yeah?
GVH, that would be In Your Eyes, and don't forget the strongly-hinted-at Firefly sequel comics!

I wouldn't get any hopes up for Kitty Pryde or any X-related character appearing in the show--the rights are more complicated than that. (And frankly, Joss being Joss aside, I really want Marvel to stop pillaging the X-Men to prop up their freaking Avengers stuff/grrrr/comics-related geek-rage.)

(Although Kitty was very briefly drafted as an agent of SHIELD.) (But who hasn't been, in the Marvel U.)
Maybe Julie Benz will get her shot as The Wasp after all...

Freaking AWESOME news!
Hang on... skepticism about getting the rights figured out aside, how about a Dazzler guest appearance. Musical episode, anyone?
I am more excited for this than Avengers 2. Joss back on tv, J-Mo, who wrote the best episodes of Dollhouse, and a series that isn't an immediate cancellation risk. Can't wait!
If Natalie Morales were to be cast—especially as Maria Hill—I think I would implode from squee.
Wow. Just wow. So excited.

Add me to the list of Natalie Morales fans. She would be wonderful. Has been a little wasted in the roles I've seen her in lately, on Parks & Rec and The Newsroom.

God, I'm so giddy with this news!
Even though his more recent roles have left me feeling meh, I'd still like to see Jason Dohring involved in something Joss-y.
Since Eureka has ended, I think Colin Ferguson would be a good casting. But also, Enver Gjokaj needs a steady gig.
I concur. As do Alexis and Amy!

I hope the casting for this is similar to season 2 of Dollhouse. Brand new for the main characters and alum for the secondary.
Amy Acker actually has a gig right now on Season 2 of CBS's "Person of Interest."

That is all.
Joss back on TV. God I'm so excited. Unbelievably!
This is very slightly bittersweet for me, since I'd love to see an original Joss TV show even more. But it's like 99% sweet, 1% bitter. So I'm pretty much radically excited.
Are we just assuming who's going to be running the show? all we know is who's writing the pilot. Sometimes a pilot is written and then the show is run by someone else entirely.
GMO, the Variety piece confirms J-Mo are running the show, with Bell.
Which, wow for them! That's a fantastic (and much deserved) opportunity for the two of them.
Maurissa and Jed are running the show.

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This makes me sad. It really shouldn't, It's a marvel-verse Whedon show, but I was hoping against hope for Runaways. I guess I'll just have to start getting psyched for this slowly.
It will be a change to see a "good" large scale multi-national organisation on a Joss show.

Knowing Joss there'll be a certain amount of "wait, are we the good guys here" angst.
Too many feelings. I just can't cope!
Sorry double post.

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Before I look at comments and after reading the news release, in one word I heard somewhere once, sometime: SCRUMPDILYICIOUS! with a side of awesome sauce! Okay, and marshmallow!

See what you did to me Joss?? My teeth are aching that is such sweet news.

Not only will you and your production team recruit and cast great new Whedonverse actors, but we will hopefully see familiar faces grace our TV screens once more. Make it so, Joss Man!
Joss says it will be just loosely connected to the cinematic version...
Every now and then I do this thing where I'm offline for, like, a HUGE ol' chunk o' time, and invariably that's when Joss posts here on WHEDONesque, or a helicopter emergency-lands near our Hollywood office-&-café buildings, or Joss announces a new TV show with Mo & Jed as showrunners!

Couldn't be more S.Q.U.E.E. if I tried.

Well, no, there's too much in the pipeline. But still. LOTS OF MY HYPE.
OK, fellow comics geeks...which pre-existing SHIELD characters (from the comics, but yet to appear on screen) would you like to see, and who would you cast?

I would love to see Clay Quartermain, Alexander Pierce and La Contessa join Agent Sitwell on our screens.
Well, you know Agent Brand and S.W.O.R.D. will eventually show up (unless that's an X-Men property, which I doubt). Too bad we can't see Kitty Pryde, agent of SHIELD.
Dani Moonstar, agent of SHIELD is out too. Guess it's hard to go undercover in the Mutant Liberation Front is there's no such thing as mutants anyway.
@CaptainB and Niels

I'm pretty sure Marvel/Disney hold the "television rights" to all of their characters. They could effectively introduce Spider-Man and the X-Men, overruling the other studios movies with the "official" MCU versions without them ever appearing in a film.

I highly doubt they would because of the potential confusion, but I'm pretty sure anyone is fair game.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
There is a proviso. This legal document shows the relationship between Marvel and 20th Century Fox and the tv rights.
Thanks Simon! The blurry legal world eh? Any way, I'm sure Joss and the gang will have enough toys to play with without having to ask to borrow 20th Century Fox's and Sony's.
I can dream that we'll see Agent Brand. I know she was introduced in X-Men, but I'm pretty sure they could introduce her in this show if wanted. And Joss did create her! I'd love to see her live action version, and him writing for her.
So, if it's going into production immediately, can we assume that the script has already been written?
Not necessarily, Let Down. It's possible they greenlit the pilot off an outline or treatment. There could be a script though. Who knows? And going into production "immediately" doesn't mean they start filming any time soon. Months and months of prep (location scouting, crew hiring, casting, etc.) needed before they actually film a single scene.
What everyone said above. By now I'm more excited about this, with Jed and Maurissa being involved and all.

Lizzy Caplan would be great by the way. Would love to see her become a Whedon alumni and some new faces. Although Enver and Amy Acker are always welcome. I like dream casting. That's always the best part. So who am I missing these days...?
Just budget for semi-CGI versions of the Avengers showing up, and have Enver play them all. Nobody would ever know.

Okay, well, Scarlett might be problematic. But still...
Have you not seen that one ep of Dollhouse? Enver can totally play women!
Hope David Fury eventually makes his way to the writing staff of this show or at least pens one ep.

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