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August 29 2012

Empire Magazine reveals why there's no Whedon commentary for UK Avengers DVD/Blu-ray. "Disney have told us that Joss Whedon recorded his commentary too late for the UK Avengers DVD/Blu-ray. They chose not to delay release..."

Well, that's me not buying it. I'm sure I can find the film with the commentary elsewhere.
Yup same here. Gonna make sure my blu-ray can play US DVDs and order the US one.
@faith_in_angel fortunately all the blue-rays are region free (but not the DVDs)
@rootpi I just tried to play a US DVD on mine & it didnt work:-( So you hink the blu-ray will be ok?
The irony is that the UK version comes out only a week before the US release. I suspect that the commentary did not meet the BBFC cut off date and so it was full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes.
Well, if ever there was a reason to finally adopt blu-ray...
It would seem that there's a 54% chance that the Blu-ray will be region-free.
Ah. Well there's an 86% chance I'll obtain both the film and commentary by other means until Disney sort it out.
I would imagine you won't be the only one. Tesco is still saying that the DVD & Blu-ray has commentary which will no doubt add to the confusion.
Already bought the italian Blu Ray Steelbook edition: it doesn't have the commentary, but it has the 90 minutes documentary. It'll do for now.

Maybe I'll get the US version later on for a reasonable price, if it's confirmed region-free of course.
Cronin, does your Blu-ray have the alternate opening and ending?
I hope posting this link is OK. It's a site that shows you how to "hack" your DVD/Blu Ray to letting it be region free. Apologies in advance if it's not. I don't think it would be against the rules because it would just make it easier to import stuff. And modding your own equipment is perfectly legal.
Ugh. This is putting me off buying the dvd, for sure. And I don't have a blu-ray player.
I'm still at work right now, so I can't check, but it should have those extras: italian sites are reporting them to be in both the DVD and Blu Ray verions.
I hope they're not lying :P
Apparently, no commentary on the french version either :(
Are there any side-by-side comparisons on how this works out for other countries? I.e. is the UK edition the same as other European editions? My mind hurts from trying to figure out which version I need to buy to get all the extra's (the same goes for the Cabin-DVD). I take it the UK edition is out, but how about the Dutch edition? Or, say, the Spanish/Danish/German/etcetera editions? If these do feature all the extra's, that should work out for you guys in the UK as well, seeing as we're all one region.

But I'm kind of lost, at the moment - especially as most online vendors don't show any lists of extra's (and if they do, one apareantly can't trust them).

I'd like to buy an edition I know I can play that has the best extra's. I'm thinking of buying a Blu-Ray player just so I cvan get both Cabin and Avengers in the best quality and with the most extra's, but I won't if there's this huge difference between US and European editions and I can't figure out what to buy and if I can play them when I buy them.
No commentary, no buy. If they aren't going to cater to the market, the market will go elsewhere for it.
(Accidental double post - ignore)

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Well they're hardly going to admit that they omit the commentary so that they can have several lanuage tracks so that they can save a few pennies, are they?

I suppose the other Disney releases over the years with no UK commentary were also recorded too late as well?
GVH: Usually is good for region comparisons, but I don't see anything for The Avengers yet - maybe it's too early?
In the spanish edition, wich came out today, no commentary nor on the dvd nor the blu ray. The dvd has english subtitles for the hear impaired, wich kinda makes me suspect its the same disc than the UK will get; plus a ton of languages like russian, bulgarian , estonian etc etc... they just made them all the same. So i gather the reason of why UK is not getting the audio commentary is not because it comes a week earlier than in USA, but more so because they will use the same disk than they manufacture for half europe, where it comes outh a month earlier than in USA. At least, if this is the case, they could have had it come out today in UK...

No extras on the dvd, save visual journey wich is just Joss talking about the helicarrier for a couple of minutes; on the blu ray, gag reel and extended and deleted scenes are added to the journey. That is all.

No shwarma scene for international audiences, no commentary, two extras not on the dvd and yet on the blu ray... i wonder what would have happened if the movie had financially and critically flopped; would it be a black and white copy?

Aparently, 3rd is not enough for disney...

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I think Darkness just got it re print times for commentaries.

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No shwarma scene? Sod that for a game of soldiers.
Argh. So annoying. Gonna skip this altogether. They do not have a clue.
Wait, no shawarma scene on the int'l Blu-Ray/DVD? That doesn't seem right. Is that right? That can't be right.

...Is it?

[ edited by gianetta on 2012-08-29 17:51 ]
Sorry, folks, i dont know how i did it, but the Shwarma scene IS on the dvd. Somehow i did something that jumped over it or something; apologies.

Still, i hope you like soundgarden and the score, cause there is no chpater for the shwarma scene where you can jump directly to it. No biggie, but it would have been neat.

But, at least the second post credit scene is on there. Apologies again.

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That's not right indeed. I have it from a very good authority who watched the DVD last night that it's on there.
DVD/BluRay came out today in France. I don't think there's Joss'commentary either. I pre-prdered my copy and should receive it friday. But I might return it (If I can) and wait for the US release though.
Someone tweeted us to say that there's no commentary on the Australian DVD.
This makes me so angry. *** ALITTLEBITBISON SMASH!!! ***

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Whilst a large percentage of blu rays are region free, Disney are notorious for region locking theirs, so I wouldn't hold out too much hope unless you have a multi region player.

There's a certain irony to the fact that they would never have done this had the film been a flop and they were relying on the hardcore fan base for sales. The film was so huge they know the vast majority of customers couldn't care less and it will not impact sales.

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Guess I should be glad I live in NA and get the full bag release...but the whole issue with the Phase One collector's set is making me a tad bit frustrated because I only have Captain America on BR and was willing to go for the multi-film release. That and all the hell my fellow Whedonites elsewhere in the world are going through due to cost cutting or "timing" issues :S
So I would have to buy the version with the documentary and the phase one to get all the extras? Then hack my laptop's blu ray player so it can play for both regions? Wonderful. Then a few months afterwards they might come out with something new.
There's an Amazon page here for the US import, but you'll need to sign up to be notified if/when it becomes available. Fingers crossed!
Perhaps they can add the commentary as a BD Live thing later. I mean that's part of the point of BD Live.
That would be a good idea but we're likely to see an "ultimate" edition come out next year with the commentary.
BD live? What's that?
It allows you to get Internet exclusives and downloadable content, I don't know how widely it's used.

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