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August 29 2012

(SPOILER) Buffy # 13 preview pages. CBR has the preview for the conclusion of the 'Guarded' arc.

Wow, some really great emotional stuff. Season 9 is really getting back on track :D
Fantastic. Finally another mention of Giles. Andrew Chambliss is really stepping it up and Georges' art is absolutely stunning.
Finally some emotional tension around Giles (and between Buffy and Kennedy, no less)! I got the feeling the wait is been worth it, for a very interesting arc that seems to be unraveling in a better way than it started.
Buffy hitting people on the face is overrated. She is being Faithy-fied through this season, even as Faith is getting Buffy-fied in the sister title, by becoming more rational and mature at the same time as gaining wealth and stability. The game of reversed personalities goes on.
I beg you, dorotea, for the sake of your own sanity, stop reading these books! You must be close to depression now, the amount of stuff you find in them to complain about. ;)

This arc has surprised me. I didn't expect to like it at all but it's possibly the most enjoyable part of the season so far. Certainly this is the closest to the true character of Buffy that Season 9 has had on display. Since coming back from the dead the second time, Buffy has often struggled to contain her anger and emotions more, so her lashing out at Kennedy doesn't seem strange to me at all. Especially given the mention of Giles.

And as for Kennedy herself, this is the best her character has ever been written. Really hoping she sticks around.
@Five Horizons, I thank you for worrying about my mental health, but honestly, I find comments like "yet another 'insert complimentary adjective' issue from 'insert writer's name', or " 'insert writer name' nails it again in this issue of 'insert comic name' " not being informative enough or interesting enough to bother put them in every time I am impressed with the comic. And if you saw my latest review of Buffy #12 it was rather complimentary - because I liked that issue.

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