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"I played a very bad hand very well. There's a distinction"
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August 29 2012

Wes the Agent returns in the 2nd episode of Husbands Season 2. Liked Joss' acting stint in the premiere? Well he's back for more.


I like the bigger and longer episodes. Mucho.
I really enjoyed the role reversal here. And the comical largeness of Haley's drink.
I just saw "The New Normal" pilot and would prefer to watch Husbands over that any day! Love it, and love the fact that it is longer now. Joss is such a natural comedian.
And now all the imitation shows are coming out. (Admittedly, all my life "the next big thing" has always been a turn-off on general principles.)

I mean, this shows doesn't sound like my cup of Darjeeling with 2 packs of Equal (and I don't get that channel anyway,) but with Magic Jane calling the shots I'm sure it's well done.

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