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August 30 2012

Gina Torres and Alan Tudyk join Dallas Comic-Con Fan Days. Felicia Day is also appearing. October 19-21, Dallas TX.

Gina Torres?? That's quite a coup for Dallas.
Must not forget this time. Ugh, still kicking myself for missing Jewel/Sean/Ron(!)/Adam earlier this year.
Is there any convention Felicia doesn't attend? I saw her incognito at Comic-Con last month, not in the convention center but several blocks away in the Gaslamp Quarter. She was wearing a man's hat and dark glasses (at night!) but her entourage gave her away.
Wait... so I leave Dallas and THEN Torres, Tudyk, and Day show up? There aren't enough wildcard characters on my keyboard...
This is so awesome. I am getting closer to getting my Firefly poster signed by the entire cast.

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