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August 30 2012

Dr. Horrible sequel to hopefully be in production "within the next year". Variety's Cynthia Littleton asked Joss about the status of the follow-up on Tuesday night.

This makes me extremely happy. I was hoping it wouldn't just get dropped amongst all the other awesome.
In unrelated news, Hollywood has scientists working non-stop to find a way to clone Joss Whedon.
Joss, we're going to hold you to that. We've been waiting so long.
Yes!! This is so exciting.
How the man is able to hold to this crazy-ass schedule of juggling multiple projects at once is mind boggling, but I'm not complaining. Whee! :)
Wow. Joss has so many projects planned for so soon! This is truly a wonderful time to be a Whedon fan.

What was the last thing anybody heard about Wastelanders? Is that on the backburner for now?
Well, he did have that meeting with Warren Ellis exactly right after ComicCon, so I don't think Wastelanders would be cancelled or anything!
There's also "In Your Eyes", a movie he wrote which has already wrapped filming.
#FreeGoners. Low, quietly-distressed sigh.
#FreeGoners (clipboard #153). Low, quietly-pained moan.
When Joss and Warren Ellis got together for Wastelands it was more than just a meeting. They broke down the story, possibly just an outline or possibly they were working on the script (hard to say how long it is and how long it would take to write the whole script). I wouldn't be surprised if it still happens but also wouldn't be surprised if it goes on to the back burner until 2015.

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