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August 30 2012

The Avengers, back in theaters for Labor Day Weekend. The Avengers Facebook page just announced that Marvel's The Avengers will be re-released in theaters for one week only, starting this Friday August 31st until Thursday, September 6th. Edit: U.S. theaters and select theaters in some countries

Color me excited :) guess it's time to see it for the eleventh time.

That should help tip it over the $1.5 billion mark.
SOOOO excited!!! :D

Is it bad I might wanna rewatch it more than once...?
Not fair, I wanna watch it too!!
Heh, for my area... re-released?! Hasn't even gone out of theaters yet... But maybe it can get back on the RPX screen? That would be swell...
I just saw a ad on Comedy Central promoting the Labor Day re-expansion.

I saw it five times while it was out. Gonna go again this weekend, probably sunday since I'm off. Maybe bring my niece. She hasn't seen it yet.

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I've already seen it twice, and if I hadn't already told a guy at work I was covering for him on Monday, I would try to see it again
Its still in the cheap theaters here I think
It's also returning to at least some Canadian theatres, it seems. Empire Theatres is showing it in 3D this weekend for some early shows. It had been out of theatres here for a while.
Now I have something to watch... Awesome!
Yay! I wanted to see it on the big screen a third time.
In Vancouver, it's showing at a Cineplex theatre at 10 pm for the week.
Any straight scoop on post-credits? Marvel seems to be teasing a new button...IM3 teaser perhaps?
That's seems to be the general consensus.
Hmm...having an IM3 teaser would be awesome but my local theatres showing The Avengers this weekend are smaller ones (i.e. non-major chain like Famous Players, Cineplex Odeon or AMC), so I have to wonder if they were given any new prints or the ones from the first release...
perhaps attendees will hip us to the deets.....

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