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September 01 2012

The 23 best film directors in the world today. And guess who features at number four on this Guardian list?

*Is all proud*

The link doesn't work, I get a 404. This works though:

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While both Serenity and The Avengers are great films, it seems a bit soon to include Joss on a list of the best film directors.
What a very strange list that is. There are some very good directors on there, certainly, but the ordering is as peculiar as the omissions. Still, these things aren't meant to be agreed with. Joss Whedon ahead of Terrence Malick and Werner Herzog? No Wong Kar Wai, Zhang Yimou, Michael Haneke, Pedro Almodovar or Ang Lee? Or... but you get the idea.

It strikes me as a bit of a shame that Joss's balancing act is being seen as between fangirls/boys and mainstream commercial success. This isn't wrong (in the case of The Avengers), but it doesn't begin to capture what is going on with his work in general.

I like Joss's directorial work very much indeed. He certainly isn't among the very best in terms of his eye - although it isn't a bad eye, either. But the overall visual story telling is very fine, as is his work with actors. It's going to be so much fun over the years, watching his work develop on the big screen as well as the small one.
I'm not sure that the list is in any sort of ranking order, actually. It seems to me that it's just the 10 directors they've got something to say about up front, and then the 13 that they like but most people know already at the bottom.

I do wonder if they wrote their own headlines, too (I know columnists often don't). The subhead, in this case, looks like a much more accurate summation of the article than the main one. (Not that they likely wrote that one either, of course.)
Considering the odd eclectic list of directors this writer chose, I would say that Joss Whedon fits right in. And actually I think it is very interesting to read an article which looks at movies, and directors, which are not as main stream, award winning, and generally universally acclaimed.
Joss seemed to earn his spot on this list by releasing three movies this year, each radically different from the other, though admittedly he got lucky on that with "Cabin."

...Dang, I need to see Cabin again. As much as I liked Avengers and as much as I expect I'll like Much Ado, I think Cabin's the best of the lot.
Steven Soderbergh is the "least bracketable director in Hollywood?" Yes, his range is very impressive, but at the very least he shares that title with Danny Boyle. IMHO, of course.

Otherwise, an interesting list, with some curious omissions (Danny Boyle included), but that's the nature of lists. I have to say it's hard to argue with Paul Thomas Anderson. I cannot wait to see The Master.
Joss Whedon's placement so high on the list does seem a little odd, especially given that he didn't direct Cabin in the Woods and Much Ado hasn't been released yet. But this list is really more of a '23 directors we're excited about this year' list than a 'greatest directors' list. Like gianetta, I suspect that the author(s) of the article didn't write the headline. Seen in that light, I think Joss Whedon's position near the top is absolutely right. It is going to be fascinating watching him develop as a film director (and potentially bring that experience back to television).
By the way, what the hell happened to Saje? He was one of the best things about this place.
I generally agree with others who have said including Joss on this list is a little premature (along with some of the other directors on the list). To date, we've only seen him direct the films "The Avengers" and "Serenity" ("Cabin in the Woods" was directed by Drew Goddard as others have said). However, an argument could be made that "Dr. Horrible" is a short, 3-act web film (it's usually referred to as a miniseries, but it's debatable). Once he gets a few more feature-length films under his belt, I hope to see him on many more lists like this.
Jim Cameron isn't in the Top 23 filmmakers in the world? Insert Fry/Not Sure If meme here.
There's a few entries on that list I'm not too impressed by and a number of glaring omissions. Given the timing, I almost suspect they threw it together specifically to leave Eastwood off.

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