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September 02 2012

(SPOILER) A recap of the Buffy Season 9 panel at Dragon*Con. Georges Jeanty shared some tidbits on Friday.

Mystery character theorizing commence.... now:

Could also be Cordelia. But the safe money is Illyria, isn't it?
Is it? The article/Jeanty seems to say in the 2 issues we'll see her, she'll be more involved/important than ever on Angel. I can't see that happening with Illyria or Cordelia. Sounds more like a throwaway girl, like of the Nina category.
Narky, Anne isn't totally an Angel character. She was in the first episode of season 3 on Buffy. Although I suppose she is more an Angel character than a Buffy character... That's also why I'm counting Cordy out. I think it's Illyria (although I always thought of Illyria as slightly confusing in the gender area, as she(he?) is a God-King, and therefore might not strictly be a female character). It could also be Nina, but I hope not.
I hope it's Illyria simply because I absolutely loved the character and always craved much more of her.
Illyria makes the most sense to me.

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Actually, Anne first appeared in the 2nd season of buffy episode "lie to me" She was called Chantarelle, then Lily in 3rd season ep. Anne.

The way Georges worded it, it sounds like a female character that hasn't been in the 8th season of Buffy. Which rules out Cordy.
^When was Cordelia in season 8 of Buffy?
I definitely have a feeling it's Illyria, just cause they said she'd be in Season 9!

I'm also curious as to how the Drusilla miniseries isn't the same timeline as Buffy and Angel and Faith.. Are they going to change it now or do any rewrites?
Cordelia did crop up in Buffy's dream in #20 of season eight.
FangedFourLover,maybe he meant that the Drusiilla miniseries picks up still right after the "Daddy Issues" arc still as was the original plan while both Buffy and Angel & Faith have now and continue to move beyond that timeframe?
Buffyfantic, that actually makes the most sense haha. I'm glad to hear that it'll be released later this year!!! :D
What, Kaan?


Illyria, for shizzle. But from my perspective, the Tara arc is finally there, if too late now. They will not bring her back, no matter the temptation; too much time has passed.
It's definitely Illyria. That is so exciting. To be able to see her in the Buffyverse is super exciting. I just hope Spike is there as well.
My first thought was Illyria but as they've already confirmed somewhere that she'll be in S9, seems like a bit of a dud surprise if it's her. Though she does have season finale gravitas and plenty of untapped character potential.

Who else is there? Eve or Jasmine maybe.
Isn't Jasmine dead? Although, that has never kept any character from not returning.
I'm excited for the new (gay dude?) pseudo slayer thing, I'm wondering if it's going to involve slayer mythos or just someone who slays vampires without powers?

I think it's going to be Illyria. I'm not sure if they actually confirmed her in S9 or if Joss just said he had big plans for her. I don't think he specified where. Illyria and Buffy and Willow in a scene together has me fanboying all over the place.
So...what's up with Xander? Any guesses? Anyone find any clues?
I'm wondering if the Billy the vampire pseudo-slayer is the new gay male character or perhaps a M>F transgender? It would make sense given the liberal view of the writers to say M>F transgenders can be slayers?
Didn't joss originally plan on bringing Tara back to life but because of conflicts with scheduling (amber) they decided not to ?(not sure if that's accurate) i don't necessarily think she will come back but I wouldn't mind seeing Taras reaction to how much everything changed it would bring an interesting dynamic!
I don't really see how the concept that a MtF trans person can be a vampire slayer is a reflection of a "liberal view" or politics at all.

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