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September 02 2012

Tickets on sale for TIFF screenings of Much Ado. Select "Buy a ticket" (green) on front screen and wait in line for a few minutes.

8th and 9th of September are sold out, 14th still available.

Mine were acquired this morning. :) I was going to try to get the second screening as well, but they were already offsale.
I got mine too! That hour in the virtual waiting room was a nail biter...
I was online at 10AM & was put in the waiting room for s half hour initially. Then it reset for another 15 minutes. But at that point Lionesss, who was trying for our tickets as well, got them. Woot! Three more going. :) And it'll be my birthday.
I am so SO jealous of anyone going. Did anyone get the red carpet premiere tickets??
I picked up tickets for the 8th. The website took a while and the queue screens were totally random. Thank goodness for the internet or I'd have been waiting on my first screen for ages! Oddly enough the second screening sold out before the first one.
Virtual waiting room eh? If only there were a virtual movie theater...
Damn it. I live in the wrong country T_T.
I talked with the Box Office about 4:00 p.m. the day before, so, 18 hours before the box office opened and people were already in line. So pleased I got tickets. And I don't even know who of the cast is coming, so that might be a nice surprise.
I got through the virtual queue just after 10am with barely any wait at all. Something about the wait times don't smell fair at all. I'll be there on the 8th.
A friend of mine tried at 10 am, as I'm still off on vacation. After a long wait time he got tickets for the 3rd and final screening but got a server error during the check out. He tried again but was told that tickets had sold out. :-(

So I'm going to give the rush lines a shot to try to get tickets the day of the screenings.
Got mine! (After about an hour of nail-biting, like witch_kat said.) Going to the first screening - see some of you there! Not that we'd know it. (Should we wear pins? Ribbons? Long brown coats? Funny hats?)
Per his Twitter Tom Lenk will be at this.
Got my tickets for the 8th! Also tried to get some for the 9th, but it actually sold out faster than the 8th. Might try morning of or rush tickets on the 9th or 14th with a group of friends, but definitely going on the premier and am very happy about that.
So happy for those of you who got tickets.

I hope Bellwether did submit it for Sao Paulo Film Festival which is happening next month. We hardly ever get cast or crew, but I really want to see this.
So jealous of everyone going to the red carpet premiere, I couldn't make it in to Toronto for it; but I have tickets on the 14th!
I hope people will take photos and blog a lot about the premier here!
I doubt we will be able to bring cameras although those who couldn't get tickets can be outside at the red carpet taking pictures. Those of us with tickets will miss that as we will be in line elsewhere to get in.
Since the 9th is half the price I'm not surprised it sold out early. The film is getting a lot of buzz, so I think the regular festival attendees were going for it, and they don't necessarily care if anyone from the production shows up.
Lioness, plenty of people bring cameras - I always bring mine and take lots of photographs. As long as it's not during the film no one seems to care. I'll definitely bring it on Saturday.
I was there right at 10 AM to get my tix!

I'm taking 5 others with me! that the cast will be there is everyone going to dress a bit more fancy-ish?
I'm actually a bit stressed out about what to wear now... I'm not generally one for fancy. I might need to buy new shoes!
@prettymaryk I would totally wear a pin so we could all identify ourselves as Whedon nuts.

I'm so excited that I got tickets and that I might get to see the geniuses behind the project. I really am having difficulty waiting. :)

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