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September 02 2012

Jane Espenson's Husbands getting its own Dark Horse Comic. The Team Husbands tumblr has the first cover art from the new digital series.

Wonder if Joss (AKA Wes) will make an appearance...

They announced that earlier this morning at DragonCon! They stayed after the panel, which was easily the most fun one I've been to all weekend, to personally talk to all the fans. Good people!

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Brilliant. I like comics. I like Husbands.

I hope they release a hard copy trade though, as Dark Horse have announced it as being released in digital format.

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This is amazing. I adore the series and cant believe it's going to be a comic now. This will definitely be added to my list of must reads.
oooh, cool. I love this show. :DD
I imagine it'll be done similarly to how the Guild comics work (I believe this artist actually worked on those), and will have a trade paper back released a few months after it's finished, here's hoping.

Thanks for the 'digital' update, viewingfigures, added to post.

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I am so excited about this!! Maybe the comic book sales, assuming it'll be in paper-back, can help fund season 3? It's a riveting announcement, having this universe expanded ^
In a way, I'm surprised, but in a bigger way, I'm really not.
The premise doesn't seem like your usual comic book idea, but Dark Horse putting out a comic based on a web series someone from the Mutant Enemy circle co-created doesn't seem unusual at all.
I'm loving the series, so I'll probably check out the comic at some point. Maybe after I check out the Guild comics, which I've yet to do.

Wait...if Felicia Day's Husbands character turns up in the comic, that'll mean there'll be five Felicia Day-looking characters in Dark Horse comics. There's already Mag, Codex, Penny and Vi. Am I missing one?
I have to be honest... I'll buy this online, but I wouldn't buy it hard copy. I'm all for supporting Jane and the show, but I wouldn't be able to take myself seriously anymore if I walked out of my comic book store with that in my hands. :p
I don't even have the option of going to a real life comic book store. I live in Sweden. Basically, we have fewer comic book stores than I have fingers on one hand.
Husbands has a comic book? Take that, Two and a Half Men!

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I have followed this show since day one, since I've been a huge Cheeks fan for YEARS!!! Cheeks in a comic book?! It's a dream come true!!!

I'm so happy that Dark Horse is taking on a comic about this subject matter. Heck yes!
I think this is great. I wonder how much story the comics will cover per issue - like Season 1 (two minutes' worth of plot), like Season 2 (eight minutes' worth of plot) or a different ratio altogether?

Hard to calculate exactly, but here's my tuppence worth.

By all accounts, Team Husbands, announced at DragonCon that their comics would be twelve pages per issue.

Now SpiderWoman issue one, by Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev, was thirty pages long and was made into a "Motion Comic" which lasted 10:17.

So dividing 10:17 by 30, and then multiplying by 12, would make the "Motion Comic" version of Husbands around 4:07.

And if we utilise the Jane Espenson patented "Banana Loaf Theorem", then it looks as if the total length of the six comic book issues combined, will add up to the same average length as the two live action Seasons of Husbands. Which is standard Televised sitcom length.


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At their DragonCon panel, they said

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^That actually sounds really cool.

GreatMuppetyOdin, I used to think so too about Belgium. As it turns out, there are a few, one of which happens to be in the university town I'm currently in. Plus side is that a store like Amazon can get you most trade paperbacks cheaper than a store probably could. That's about half a year or more after the fact, but it's better than nothing. Anyone not in America is automatically not going to be able to keep up with release-day discussions on here, sadly. Kind of wish some discussions of released material would link to the forum and encourage interaction there. Would probably also build community some.

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