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September 03 2012

SciFiNow's top ten best Buffy episodes. Find out which of your favourites made the cut.

7 through 1 are a given at this point. There needs to be more Non-Joss Top 10s.* 8-10 are not your typical choices for this sort of thing. And any "best of" article that gives honorable mention to Doublemeat Palace and As You Were is a rarity! And leaving out Surprise or Becoming Part 1 is just unheard of.
*Mine=Fool For Love, Selfless, Surprise, the Prom, the Zeppo, Primeval, the Wish, Earshot, Passion, This Years Girl, and Conversations with Dead People gets honorable mention only because what makes it extra great was technically all Joss.

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Surprise, Innocence, Becoming Part 1 and 2 should always be on a top Buffy episodes list... But that's cause Season 2 is my favorite... Haha.
I could pick a top 2 -- Hush and The Body -- but top 10 is way too hard.
How 'bout a top 144 list?
Nothing from seasons 1-3 at all, and 7 is the most represented season. Hmm....
Sidebar: does ANYONE BESIDES THIS PERSON think that The Pack was a creative low point? That was the episode that really sold me on the show the first time I watched it through.
That's actually not a bad list at all though it doesn't completely reflect my own. Season 7 really is underrated, and I was happily surprised to see as many episodes from it as I saw on there.
I like this list. "Life Serial," "Conversations With Dead People," and "Selfless" would have to be in my top ten though.
Not a great list. I think the later seasons with less Joss involvement just weren't as true to the vision that made this show so transcendent. Many earlier episodes that were so well-written and tight were left off for episodes that had big ideas but fell short in the actual execution.

But it's nice to know we can all agree as a fanbase that "Once More With Feeling" wins all day, everyday.

Chill or some channel like that has been replaying season 3 episodes and I've left it on all day while doing chores. I feel like almost every one deserves a spot on the list today. Helpless just impressed me for the millionth time. The themes of failure, betrayal, trust, and forgiveness are devastating and at the same time it's such a great comedic/action/horror romp of entertainment. Season 3 forever.
Yeah, Sunfire, I should find a spot in my non-Joss top ten for "Life Serial." Besides OMwF, it is my most rewatched-and-still-funny episodes of season 6. The entire acts on campus and at the Magic Box are near perfection.
Love Storyteller, probably one of my favorites and it doesn't get nearly enough respect.
If I was making a list of the most overrated buffy episodes, Gift would absolutely be #1
For most underrated, I'd go with Normal Again -- also a great non-Joss ep.

And for most-unjustifiably reviled, I'm going with Beer Bad.

[ edited by Squishy on 2012-09-04 02:15 ]
Gonna statistically cancel out the previous (assuming I type quickly enough) comment and say that "The Gift" is arguably arguably (and therefore arguably definitively) my favorite episode of the series. Okay, I guess that means it can't be arguably definitively in a sense but let's not split meta hairs.

And 10-8 would be nowhere near my top 10, likely not even my top 100. I like the funny but didn't feel like "Fear Itself" brought it. Or the fear.

Also epically disagree with the idea that the series came into its own post-Angel, and with a good number of the also rans mentioned.

Never got "Restless." But the way so many others rally for it I feel like I must be missing something, kinda like my not liking wine...

And Ailiel's first statement--spot on from my point of view.
I'd be really annoyed with Squishy for slipping in a comment before mine (and thus throwing off my reference) did I not agree with the take on "Beer Bad."
I was with the author until he dissed The Pack. I think that's my most watched episode.
If I think about the episodes that had the greatest impact on me when I first saw them, this would be my list:

1. The Body
2. Once More, With Feeling.
3. Restless.
4. Hush.
5. Passion.
6. Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered.
7. Nightmares.
8. The Wish.
9. Graduation Day, Pts I & II
10. Fool For Love.

Hard to know what to change, really. Just sad I can't find room for so many beloved favourites!
CaptainB, "Life Serial" is my very favorite episode. And definitely my most rewatched, because it's absolutely hilarious throughout. I have a special affinity for Buffy's more mundane grown-up problems becoming dark and somewhat hilarious. Seasons 5, 6, and 7 are my favorites for this reason. The beginning and end of "Flooded" is another personal favorite.
@Tscole90, @Like With Pie - Completely agree about The Pack. That was when I realised just how much potential for depth and darkness the show had!

Actually, hasn't Joss written the same thing somewhere? On a "favourite episodes not by me" list in a DVD box, I think?

The execution of the hyena possession may put some people off, but what's not to LOVE about what's done with it?

[ edited by darling on 2012-09-04 07:07 ]
Restless was on this list, and therefore I am content. I gave up ranking the episodes otherwise a long, long time ago...
The comment about "The Pack" also put me off. Glad to see all the love for it here. It was the first Buffy episode I ever watched and has always remained one of my favorites. Also nice to see so much love for "Life Serial" here.
Most of my favorites were on the list, so I can't complain... however, The Wish, Doppelgangland and Passion will always be on my personal "best-of" list (I gave up trying to narrow it down to 10).

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