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September 03 2012

Highlights of the Joss Whedon, Mike Birbiglia & Ira Glass Q&A. This was held after the 'Sleepwalk With Me' screening on the 28th of last month.

This was quite fun! One of the interesting bits is Joss' discussion of how the shwarma scene got proposed and completed. (also -- all three did post screening hang out time in the foyer. all three were super generous with their time and took pics and had brief conversations with lots of folks both celebrity and non-celebrity alike)
So how did the Shwarma scene happen?
Cute story short -- Mike was sincerely asking how the shwarma scene came about. Joss charmingly played himself down and explained that he had pitched the scene as a joke to Kevin Feige, noting that he didn't think very much about it as when he writes structure is "everything" and the shwarma scene to him at the time would have been a funny throwaway scene. About a month later Feige came back to Joss to say he thought he could get all the actors to actually film the scene.
*(Joss also mentioned that Sony threw out the possibility of including Spider Man in the scene which Joss said he refused because then the scene would have been about teasing a movie rather than just a fun throwaway scene -- I'm not sure if he was serious about this)*
But after he filmed it he realized that the scene was the thing that underscored how they are a team now and related it back to the night after filming Amy Acker's death scene, how he and the actors just sat together after the intensity of the day.

So basically, Joss is brilliant even he doesn't realize it until afterwards.

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