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September 04 2012

15 sci-fi and fantasy characters who found success after dropping out of school. The list isn't ranked, but Buffy and friends are on it, right between the Weasley twins and Rose Tyler. (The Runaways and TSCC also get shout-outs.) Esteemed company!

But ... Buffy and Co. graduated. Or do they mean college?
Shapenew - Yes, they specifically say college.
The article doesn't mention that Willow goes back to college upon her return to Sunnydale. I mean, she does, right? She's on campus in "Selfless," at least. I'm just not sure she finished.
Well, whether or not Willow finished is partly dependent on whether anyone at all in that year's spring graduating class of UCSunD finished.

I tried posting that over there and it booted my whole system.

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Very specific definition of dropping out, there... college drop-outs count, characters like Xander who graduated school but didn't attend college don't?

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