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September 04 2012

'The Cabin in the Woods' is now available at iTunes USA. And as well by the looks of it.

I can't wait to get my copy, this is definitely my favourite movie of 2012!
YES! This is a joyous occasion.
I just wish the Amazon version came with the two extras the iTunes version has.
It's hilarious that the movie is only being released to cinemas here this thursday.. I still haven't seen it!! And from the looks of it none of the cinemas will show it in English, so I probably won't even go watch it there and rather just buy it right away *eye roll*
Pop across the border into Holland. The DVD is on sale there. Apparently there's a two disc set? (someone tweeted us a pic).

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I'm really wanting the DVD, with extras, as soon as possible. This was my favorite movie (thus far) for 2012 and I'm wanting to get to see it again (and with commentary).
I'm just going to buy a streaming version (probably Amazon) and rent the DVD when it comes out to watch the extras. It's rare that I ever watch extras more than once.
Someone here. It's a 2-disc limited edition with pop-up packaging and 140 minutes of bonus material. Or so it says on the box. Possibly with Dutch subtitles that cannot be switched off. Will check that tonight. They had the Blu-Ray version, too.

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I haven't seen a two disc set in the UK *jealous*.
If only they had the commentary, I'd jump on this.
Here's a link to the Dutch website. Website claims it is released on September 11. I bought it last Friday, don't know what is up with that.
Cool cheers. I've tweeted the link to see if anyone knows if there's other countries getting the same. I wonder if it has more extras than the US version.
Question: any idea how much Drew and Joss would actually get, if I forked over $15 at iTunes? (I'm not expecting exact figures.) I'm scrimping a bit these days, but I also dearly love Cabin. If I knew the brains of the operation got a little out of it, it might sway me.
Can someone tell me if the Dutch (or other versions) have more special features than the US version? Bummer we US-people don't get the epic box others get. :(
We can't know how much Joss and Drew get without looking at their contract, which I doubt is public information, but I believe Apple takes a third of all sales through its services, so the base amount going to Lionsgate before they divvy it up would be $10.
And the R4 version will be out in Australia on 24th October - "proof" here - not bad considering the very limited release it got in theatres here. Sadly, only one disc here though.

Same day as Dollhouse S1 release - WOOHOO!

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Thanks, PaperSpock. That kind of ballpark info was about all I expected us to come up with.

So... ten cents each for them is optimistic, huh?
I also just bought my Cabin in the Woods dvd/bluray combo (I'm in Belgium and it's the same release as in the Netherlands). The extras are:

- Commentary with Joss and Drew
(on Bluray only:)
- We Are Not Who We Ware: making of 'The Cabin in the Woods'
- The Secret Stash featurettes
- An Army of Nightmares: Make-Up and Animatronic Effects
- Primal Terror: Visual Efects
- It's Not What You Think (Bonus view mode)

You can indeed turn off the subtitles.

The fold-out box is sort of nice, but ultimately pointless. Suspect that's only sold in Free Recordshop though. I'm just glad it was a dvd/bluray combo, because I refuse to buy dvds alone anymore, considering the fact that you're buying a format that's already outdated, but I don't have a bluray player yet (or at all on my computer, which is my main venue of watching things). This way of releasing it is very non-rip-offy.
FWIW, it continues to play at Laurelhurst Theater here in Portland, in second-run. For a long stretch of uninterrupted weeks now. It will still be there this weekend and next week. They've added a note to the schedule: "Don't show up at the last minute! This show sells out every night."
Watched it last night! So cool! I love Joss so much. Definitely an interesting take on the traditional horror movie.
So did no one buy this on iTunes so they can tell us about the tow extras it includes there?

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