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September 04 2012

(SPOILER) Jeff Parker interview about Willow miniseries. CBR interviews the writer of the upcoming season 9 miniseries,'Willow:Wonderland."

I think there are some newish spoilerish hints in this interview.

Interesting, if fairly short, interview. I was particularly interested to hear about the work with the editors. It doesn't surprise me that Joss doesn't deal directly with all of the writers.

I gave up reading the Buffy (and Angel) comics a while back due in part to a need to cut back financially, but also because I tend to read comics in phases rather than wanting to read them the whole year round. But this sounds appealing enough to pull me back.

The cover art shown there, presumably by Brian Ching, is not only gorgeous but quite mesmerising. A little spiritual, really, which is perfect. Joss doesn't tend to do much with the transcendent aspect of spirituality himself, which is unsurprising given his beliefs and his tendency to drift towards (humanist) existentialism. But it would be great (for me) if this comic really ran with that. I very much like the comment about not only the power being important, but also the subtle ways that magic informs lives.

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I'm extremely excited for this series! Since season 8 started, I think Willow has quietly become the most interesting character in Buffyverse. I recently reread S08 and every little tid bit about Willow peaked my interest. I loved how they set her up with the seed being destroyed and with the glimpse of future Willow. To me, Buffy and Spike have been going through the same old song and dance; there stories have already been told and resolved in the shows. With Willow I think Joss and all the creative teams have so much more to explore.
@Maclay: Ching is only providing the interior artwork. The cover you're referencing is the David Mack one for Willow #1.
I haven't really been following the comics, but Willow was my favourite character on the show (and, to be honest, on television). Can I read this miniseries even though I haven't picked up one of the comics in a while? I'm aware that it would be better in context, though.
@ manbearpig - given that the plot of this comic arc is apparently "Willow goes off by herself on a journey of self-discovery and has adventures on her own", I think it'll be fairly stand alone, sure. But if you've not even read Season 8 yet, you might be left wondering what the Seed is, and how magic ended, and why the Scythe is broken, and who Aluwyn is...

I wonder if the references to 'Wonderland' in that interview are just allusions, or if we'll actually get Mad Hatters and Red Queens and the like on the pages? Personally, I'm hoping it won't be that literal.

I think this is where Willow comes to grip with her past, which means coming to grip with Tara, who will somehow make an appearance, even if in flashback.
I also love that cover of Willow #1. Maybe my favorite that has her in it, yet.
@wenxina Thanks! I didn't see an artist's name for the cover, but I thought that the style looked rather different to the interior art. Having looked up David Mack, I see that he does a lot of really beautiful work.
"Willow Rosenberg will not return to Sunnydale quite the same as she left..."

Was this a spoiler or did the writer just tried to talk in pictures?
"I think this is where Willow comes to grip with her past, which means coming to grip with Tara, who will somehow make an appearance, even if in flashback."


I have a wild hair idea that it'll be (gulp) Glorificus! Unexpected, no? On the other hand; Sqweeeeeeeee!!!!!

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