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September 04 2012

Amber Benson to appear on tonight's episode of The Story Board (8pm PDT). Amber will be one of the guests tonight on Geek & Sundry's Tuesday Night Hangout: The Story Board discussing creating characters with Patrick Rothfuss, Bradley Beaulieu, and Mary Robinette Kowal. You can watch it live at

Grr, why am I never around when these are live? But this should be great, and I sort of think as Rothfuss as a Whedon-alum himself due to how much of a fan he is and how much inspiration from the 'verses is infused into his works.
I agree completely. He even sells Jayne hats on his online store! We really need to get them to meet. Maybe Joss could be on The Story Board sometime and we could make it official.
Very cool. Love Pat, his books are amazing (my favorite fantasy books), as is his blog, and his unabashed love for Joss is the cherry on top of it all (the link is to a great blogpost linked to here a few years ago of how he came to love Joss' work). Amber was a great guest. Hope we get to see more Whedon alumni on the show (Joss himself would indeed be amazing of course tikamajere316).

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