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September 05 2012

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike #2. Courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

The bugs are cute and everything, but I hope we don't focus too much on them...
And I hope issue two won't be just more of the not especially needed preliminaries that comprised all of issue one. For a very short series, this is looking like a lot of "get on with the story, already". Hopefully these two pages aren't indicative of a repeat of the previous issue.

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Gotta agree with you, b!x. The last issue was very underwhelming.
The bugs are lovely, but I think it's time for them to go away
Same here. I view them as a joke thats long overstayed it's welcome sadly.
Yes I agree I just could never see the bugs really being a part of this universe. They are entertaining, and i might enjoy them in a different series, but i dont think they work here. You're right, it feels like a bad joke. im really surprised they are still around.

I am wondering if the dialogue here is actually some foreshadowing for how the miniseries will end. Possibly Spike gets to a better place and the bugs realized he isn't needed anymore? Since their purpose is being needed, maybe they go off to find somoene who does need their help.
I'm tired of the bugs, as well. They were funny initially, but I think they would've worked best as a one-issue (or maybe one-arc) joke, that then went away.

Finally read the last issue yesterday, and was not impressed--a whole issue of Spike moping, with bugs, concluding with a brief fight with random aliens/moon demons. Not to mention the demons are doing one of those classic, stupid villain things: "We could just toss this unconscious hero guy out on the moon and fly away with his ship ... BUT NO! Instead we'll wait till we're in deep space to toss him out! Because that gives him time to recover consciousness ... and kill us all!"

Really? Maybe I've just gotten spoiled, but I expect slightly more intelligence from my Whedony bad guys. Or I expect their stupidity to be written as intentional and funny. This whole issue was just kind of ... boring.

Here's hoping it gets better.
I see the bugs more as metaphor of survival. They are survivalist species - they outlived their planet even - and Spike is an ultimate survivor of the series as well ( see Brian Lynch comments on AtF ) - so they are good fit for him. As such the Bugs liven the story and give it an edge of quirky humor ( ala Pylea arc in AtS) where otherwise there would have been just endless melodrama and somewhat derivative 'spaceman Spiff' adventures.

@erendis - don't forget that tossing vampire into space - on the bright side of the Moon will basically turn him into miniature super-Nova on a spot. There would be no necro-tempered glass between him and the sun. As such, I find this turn of events somewhat dramatic, and Bugs actions commendable.
I'm tired of the bugs too. In fact, I was tired of them before season 9 even started.

That said, unfortunately, they were the best thing in issue one of this series. I hope it picks up a bit in the next issue.

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