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September 05 2012

Joss says The Avengers was only finished because of Much Ado. Joss explains that Much Ado About Nothing helped him get the perspective to finish The Avengers.

Here's the original interview which the cinemablend article is quoting

Good interview :)

He says some really nice things about Nathan Fillion!

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Yeah, this was here a week or so ago.
It was the Vulture Marvel interview that was here last week. This one is the Much Ado one.

Also where possible, link to the original source.
I think it's a new interview Gossi. Vulture did a different one with Joss last week about the SHIELD show.
Ooops, apologies! I thought I read this the other day for some reason.
Oh, JW mentioning Vanya on 42nd Street is intriguing because that's probably my favorite filmed play. It's so fluid and organic even though the filmmakers didn't try at all to make it "cinematic."
I like the bit about telling Nathan he didnt have a choice.

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