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September 05 2012

From a "Cabin" to "The Bay". Check out the official trailer for the found-footage sci-fi horror film "The Bay," co-starring this year's newly minted Whedonverse alumnus Kristen Connolly.

I'm seeing this movie in a week's time at the Toronto International Film Festival. I didn't realize Kristen Connolly was in it, I just got my ticket based on the interesting description of the movie.
From the poster alone I did wonder if it was going to involve those parasites that replace their host fish's tongues and I was kinda surprised to see any.

Also surprised by the idea that Kristen Connolly is old enough to plausibly play a new-ish mother but I guess she's older than I thought for someone who convincingly played college aged ingenue.
I love Kristen Connolly.. She was fantastic in Cabin :D
I would have loved to watch this for Kristen, but those tongue parasites just make me feel sick! :P

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