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September 05 2012

Joss Whedon features in Vanity Fair's 2012 New Establishment list. He comes in at number 12 in this list of "visionaries are defining innovation today".

Maybe in a few year's time he'll feature on their "Powers That Be" list.

Is it wrong that I'm stuck 'tween cult phenomenon'? I just kinda feel like Buffy was more than that.

Other than that though, the more press and recognition Joss gets the happier I am. Except I really can't get over them making Buffy sound like High School Musical.
This pretty much reason number 2 I was super-excited when Joss announced he was indeed directing TA: finally, the rest of the world will get to see how awesome he is.
Buffy was not tween, not even in the definition of "tween." They were already in the middle of high school!
Yeah, and I wouldn't show BtVS to tweens, either. Once they hit middle school, though, it'll be required viewing in my household.

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