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September 06 2012

A Samuel L. Jackson Q&A about The Avengers. Did you notice that they changed Nick Fury's scar for the movie?

Great interview and nice to read a actor that actually wants to see his own performance. I imagine that if I was a badass in a movie, I would like to see that too. I'd probably frame the poster if I was on it.

Ah, dreams.

Btw, I'm about to order the Avengers blu ray, region 2(damn you commentary, I guess I'll buy another Avengers blu ray one day). Do you guys think that the documentary on the Sainsbury blu ray will ever be on another blu ray, like a ultimate collection? Otherwise I guess it's really the best way to go for region 2 buyers.


Aaaaand it doesn't look like they ship to Sweden. Frak.


They just got back to me and no, they don't.

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Does someone know if the US Avengers dvd/bluray box set will be region encoded?
It's pretty standard that every (major?) American release is region encoded. We're 1 and A respectively. And I was about to assure you that most countries that kind of matter are lumped into region A, except it turns out that's inaccurate and region A just encompasses both American continents and most of east Asia (aside from China).

That said, I've never been able to effectively google to see if NTSC and PAL has any legitimate bearing on DVD and blu-ray so that might hamper things.

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