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September 06 2012

20 of the best closing scenes on television. A list with clips of best closing scenes. Buffy and Angel make the list.

the clips are not really the actual closing scenes, however.
Some great ones, but some glaring ommisions. Lost should be on here, but oh well, people tend to hate it because it's not what they wanted, even though it was, IMO, perfect for the show. Love that dinosaurs was included hahahaha
Pretty sure all the characters flying off into heaven isn't "perfect" for any show except Touched by an Angel, but I digress.
Buffy, Angel, The Shield, and Six Feet Under are no-brainers. I was surprised at Deadwood's inclusion but the explanation supports it very well.
God, the Dinosaurs ending.... just so horribly sad. Every time.
Immediately thought "Six Feet Under." Will that ever be topped, or at the very least, not a staple of these kinds of lists?
I don't know, CaptainB, we haven't seen the Breaking Bad finale yet. :)
Don't know if it counts having never aired, but the ending to Wonderfalls... aww, cute.

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