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September 06 2012

Marvel's 'Phase One' box delayed. The Marvel briefcase collection will be released next spring, instead of on Sept. 25th.

Well, at least they still seem intent on releasing it. I'll probably do the double-dip with Avengers, but hold off on buying any of the other films. Besides, next Spring would conveniently time it for a Marvel marathon before Iron Man 2.

EDIT: Or Iron Man 3, even! If I'm feeling particularly adventurous!

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I wonder if the UK release will have Whedon's commentary on The Avengers DVD. That was the problem wasn't it, Disney? Time? Now you have plenty. Get to it.
Presumably this won't include the UK version which is just an ordinary box and has less discs? That's still listed as out 17 September

It's also region free apparently.
Does anyone know if the US bluray version of The Avengers is region free? I'm going to get that instead of the swedish / european version which is lacking in commentary...
Spring? SPRING?!?!


Just put the tesseract and discs and files in a box! Auurrghh

< /whine>
well I am glad I bought the 4-disc version then
I asked the people, and their blu rays are only region 1...

Why don't you want my money Disney? Why?
Really hoping this phase one box is region free. I mean, the Star Wars saga was (which surprised the hell out of me).
The artwork for the discs that is posted on is gorgeous.
Yeah, i'm not getting this movie until i can at least get a version with bluray AND dvd in one box (released completely separately here, which i am so pissed about). And of course the commentary track. That's all i listened to on my Cabin dvd as i've seen that film 3 times already this year. Love it, but for now, i just wanted to hear Drew and Joss talk about it.

The Avengers dvd is so expensive right now and without commentary, i'll just feel like i'm missing out. I'm also pretty sure Disney doesn't need more of my money for this film, so waiting will do.
I normally could be patient for something this awesome, but I'm honestly a little upset that I have to wait so long to buy the box set...and as much as I loved the movie, I refuse to buy The Avengers twice.

What bugs me most is that the release is being delayed because of greedy people who just wanted to cash in on the Disney name. If only one good thing comes of this delay I hope it's that the luggage company doesn't get a cent out of this suit.
Skytteflickan88, don't trust the people. Because their information is wrong. First of all, Blu-Ray regions are not coded as 1's or 2's. They are coded as A's and B's. So even if the US blu-ray was region locked, it'd be A not 1.

I really disagree with that. If the case looks too much like the real case, Disney shouldn't try to make money of someone else's work. Someone designed that case, and they might not appreciate a company they don't work for making money off their hard work.

@under rug swept

I'm not sure they said region 1, they might just have said region coded.
I just got an email from Amazon, and they are giving me a free Avengers Blu-Ray while I wait for my box set!

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