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September 06 2012

Weird secrets of 'The Avengers' that you'd never have guessed. "We sat down with three of the movie's VFX creators at Industrial Light and Magic, and learned some totally insane secrets of the film. We also got a sneak peek at the creation of some CG sequences, like the above behind-the-scenes video about the making of the Hulk."

Wow. This is crazy. Great link.
If The Avengers doesn't get nominated for Best Visual Effects at the Oscars, then it would be a travesty.
I wish they had shown a few more shots where the characters were CGI, to compare it. But I guess I could guess once I get the blu ray.
I think I was most impressed by the "Every single Avenger had a digital copy" part. I usually notice that kind of stuff, and it didn't even occur to me to wonder. I can't wait for the Blu Ray!
The best bit about the CGI in The Avengers is that you don't notice the CGI. The Star Wars prequels look like video games, Avengers looks real. Spectacular but real.
Fascinating: beautiful people are harder to render than less attractive people, which kinda makes sense once you think about it, but I would never have thought that.
"The Hulk has no penis."

.... I guess that explains the rage?
Cap in the long tracking shot has always looked CGI to me, so that one was nice to read. I wonder where he was located originally in that scene?
I like how they tell that was Joss the one behind that brutal smashing by the Hulk. He clearly gets the character.
Cool article. Must have taken SO much time and effort to digitally recreate NYC that way. Dedication!

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When Banner turns into the Hulk the 2nd time, when Cap does with shield-repulsor combo with Tony and when Widow latches on to the flying alien thingy, the digital copies are pretty obvious. Also, the Thor take offs and landings.
The Hulk punching Thor one was done more practical than I thought.
All in all, great CGI work, hope they get an Oscar for it.
I figured Black Widow latching onto the flying alien craft had to be CGI because rendering that was probably easier than setting up a stunt, especially since they would have had to create a detailed model of the craft and rig it to move, then it would have had to support ScarJo's weight, even with a harness.

But my bigger problem is that I think her CG arms would have been dislocated from their sockets. I remember thinking the physics of the entire sequence were off because the CG Black Widow was too flaily, a little too ragdoll.

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